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I first tried it on Valentines day 2003. My friends and I, all of whom were single at the time, decided to go out and have a sick time at this bar in Manhattan. I am a college sophomore and have never done any type of drugs before ever in my life, not even weed!, drinking however is another story. Hey no one is perfect! So when my friend offered me a bump in the bathroom I was majorly hesitant to try it. I don't know if it was the 3 Long Island iced teas I downed orthe fact that I was alone on valentines day but I was like what the fuck? It is now August 2003 and I do it every single weekend. In greater amounts. Its insane my weekend will start on a Thursday night, because Friday are no classes or work for me and my friends, and will not end until Sunday morning. when I experiened the downer.

I only did it once during the week to finish a gram that me and my friend bought. I never thought I would even try it being that I always thought it was such a hardcore type drug, I was scared of it at first but after the first few times I thought it was nothing big and why did people make such a big deal out of it? But now as I look at other peoples stories and see the pictures on this web page of lines and piles of coke my heart begins to race and I get antsy! I feel like I need to go to bed or do something to take my mind off of it! It is a Monday night and I now cannot wait until Thursday! I keep trying to tell myself that what I am doing is not a big deal, Im 20 yrs old I live in New York City why not party? But then I really analyze it and realize that this is taking my money out of my pocket, leaving me broke three days after a pay day, causing major depression days after my high, and doing God only knows what to my body! However, even as I type those words the other part of me is thinking how I am going to buy a gram this Thursday night. My advice: DON'T DO IT! DON'T TRY IT! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR GETTING YOURSELF INTO!! As for me I probably will be doing it this weekend, I hope one day I will take my own advice!