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My first expierence with PCP, or wet as it is known in Philly was whack. I guess it wasn't good stuff. But the second time, I smoked it with my friend and it was the most wonderful feeling. I felt like everything was important but nothing was important at all the same time. When I was driving home, I felt like I was in a video game, a car racing game. I couldn't sleep for awhile, but I did eventually. I lived on a drug corner that sold wet 24-7. In the winter, we used to get hiiiigh. When you get wetted, you don't feel the cold at all. The cold actually feels good. You have this energy and you think the wierdest thoughts. You feel like you are having revelations, dumb revelations, but revelations all the same. I became a wet head.

One time, I smoked 4 nicks of wet. I didn't know if I was sitting or standing. I was on my own corner in front of the pizzeria and i didn't even know where I was. I kept asking my friends and they got real irritated with me.I kept saying I 'm so confused. Then I got naseous and I had to lay down. I felt like crying. I just wanted the feeling to go away. I must of looked dumb as hell.

I quit for awhile but I started it up again. I was getting real skinny, but I didn't care. One time, me and my boyfriend got high as hell and went to the mall. We were walking around like we was in New York. The lights looked so beautiful. We were all amazed, our eyes wide open.

One time I had got real high. I fell out the car and busted my chin open. I had to get three stiches. The thingis that I didn't even feel it. They were telling me you got to go to the hospital but I was like for what? I didn't feel a cut. I was bleeding all over myself. When I got to the hospital, the docter asked me if I was drunk and I told him yeah but the dumbass I was with said she's wetted. I didn't even feel the stitches going in. I kept talking to the docter like a dick and he told me to please refrain from talking. What a dork ass.

I had a real bad trip one time. It was one of the last times I got high. I was riding around with my ex-boyfriend and we smoked. After a minute, I started to feel really strange. I thought I had ruined my life and my parents would be so disappointed. I started crying and I kept forgetting to breathe. Then I thought I was dead and looking at my body. My skin felt really dry and I just kept rubbing my fingers together, thinking of mummies and how they felt. He took me home and I couldn't sleep for three days. I cleaned my house non-stop and I have about twenty pages of me rambling on and on about violence and hurting people and how I fucked myself over. I never wanted to go through that again.

But I did. I got high until about 3 months ago. Wet was starting to make me feel stupid. My thoughts were jumbled and I felt like there was a constant fog inside. I couldn't study(I was in college, still am) and retain any info. I would stutter when I talked and it took me forever to make a point becuase I was so fucked up I couldn't even collect my thoughts enough to tell a story. But who cared?

Everybody was acting like that anyway. The thing was I wasn't high. I was sober. I was acting like an idiot. I quit and I see know what I was doing to myself. But for-real, if I wasn't in school, I would probably still get wetted. It was the shit.