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My friend and I just had our first salvia experiences this week as of 4/18/2004. We bought Salvia extract 10x at waterbeds and stuff, and paid a total of $80.00 for just 2 bags of 10x its pretty darn expensive. Anyways when we arrived at craigs house, we sat down put in some Type O Negative, and got the water bong out. We packed the bowl and, I took a hit I inhaled the smoke, and held it in for about 35 seconds. The next thing I know my body starts heating up like a furnace, sweat is dripping from my forehead and I start to feel very very very heavy I mean I can barely lift my legs at this point, and when I do lift my legs it's like Im in slow motion.

This lated for about 2 minutes. I take a second hit, and then blam I started getting Vibrations all over my body, and everything around me started to vibrate when craig would stand up I could literally feel him stand up, if I would touch the remote control to the t.v. then it would start to vibrate. Suddenly Im completely lost in the music, the song was can't lose you.Then I soon drifted off into a black empty void or something then everything that was on my mind suddenly started to take shape in this void, I plainly remember thinking of a Tree and all the sudden a Tree grew out of nowhere, I thought about snow, and it started snowing it was totally weird, I mean I've done Mushrooms, Smoked marijuana, drank hard Liquor, and taken pain medication ( Morphine) before, but this takes the cake I swear I've never done anything like this at all.

I was transported to a completely different world, but I had some sort of thought control. Anyways Im going to try this stuff again it was a blast. Maybe there's more to saliva and humans just haven't figured it out yet, maybe if I do enough of it maybe Ill find out the meaning of life, who knows? All I do know though is that Salvia Divinorum is some Weird stuff. My total Trip experience lasted probably about 18 minutes, but I was completely relaxed and had lots of insight for about 2 hours before I started to come down completely. The only thing I wish were different would be to have my weird experience for 2 hours, and my relaxed experience for 18 minutes. Anyways that's my experience and thanks for your time.