Violent Trip


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In this trip the user behaves in a violent and uncontrolled way that is usual for unprepared users. PCP is not a good drug to take at parties.

this is my first experience with pcp. I was at a party at someones house and my friend arrived with a 20 bad of dust... i dont know how much in weight that is. we went in the back and smoked about 1/3 of it on some tobacco and came back up to the house. the first thing i noticed was that i felt very detatched from everything. i knew what was happening, only it didn't seem to affect me. then we went back with a 3rd person and smoked some more of it.. the bag was almost done.

this time my arms looked really long and things were sorta distorting in the corners of my eyes. nothing really visual though, but i did feel like i was floating. i also got this feeling like i had a lot of pent up energy in me... like i was going to explode, but i didn't have to release it. a little while later we smoked the rest of the dust rolled in a cigarette. i felt even more separated from reality, and the energy level grew a lot. i felt like i had to release it, so i went to where the music was and went crazy punching and kicking and made most people get far outta the way. after that i felt really relaxed and euphoric, like i was in my own little world. the rest of the night is sorta a blur but i remember waking up covered in cuts and bruises.