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Im a 22 year old male,I exercise regularly and am in a very good state of health.I first tried ecstasy 18 months ago,the anticipation was intense in itself,its so hard to actually put it in to words.I tipple do E about every-months,I went out on ecstasy days ago after a 9 week break, and can still feel the drug in my body.When I first started on my ecstasy honeymoon one pill would get me through the nite in a totally out of time state.All there was was me and the music,I cant even remember the feelings but I knew it was so dam good cos I wanted to do it again as soon as I was able too!However with repeated usage and increased dosages the effect of the drug lessoned so much that now I usually just find myself walking around the rave in a wired state of mind,Im looking for my friends and not concetrating on me and having fun.Dont get me wrong it still hits me hard but the irresistible urge to dance isn't there and I find I am more aware of my surroundings.I find that if I worry about things like work or whether I've done enough to help with my comedown(ate well,etc)then It detracts from my experience.

However this past time I took 4 pills and two lines of speed,as I set out to have a good night from the start and being fully aware of how I would be feeling this week after and generally accepting it and not stressing about it and just concentrating on me and having fun I found I had an awesome night!!The drugs were very effective,the music(Mauro Picotto!!)was intense and I danced all night!I was sweating profusely though and didn't feel the need to drink water(silly I know but my friends were there looking after me)It felt almost as good as that first time I tried it,the feelings,the touch sensations,etc.I had been preparing days earlier by taking a supplement containing 5htp which helps increase serotonin levels,getting lots of sleep and making sure there was nothing at all on my mind,if I had somerthing I needed sortd it was done before I went out.My mind was free and I was only out for me to have fun tonight.My peers knew this so they kept an extra eye on me.

During the night a beautiful girl caught my eye and I obviously had caught hers as she came up to me and we started chatting.This was the first time I had met a girl while out on E and instead of being worried she would think I'm an idiot(cos I'm babbling shit cos I'm pilled up)like I usually do I just let it flow and she was very receptive to me.One thing I must say is that while I was peaking she gave me a back massage and it felt truly amazing!The feeling of having this beautiful female running her hands down my back coupled with the E was almost too much to bear!!I recommend it!We have seen each other a few times since but on the day they usually call,"terrible Tuesdays",(if your out on saturday)she didn't call me,I felt very depressed and alone in the world,nothing seemed right,I knew it was just day two depressions so I tried to put it out of my mind.She did eventually call me later in the night,so all this depression was for nothing!!

She hasn't called me yet today yet I'm fine about that I'm trying to read into the situation because iv heard of stories of people forming unnatural attachments while on E,however it seems to be going well in the real world.All this may sound confusing to you reading this but it all ties in with things I've heard or read.i will continue to use ecstasy but only as a recreational drug and only when a big rave is on and I'm out with alot of friends.Its hard to say whether I have benefited from E usage,I am glad I've tried it and now know the dangers and am very careful in my usage as when I first started I was ignorant and went out heaps.I feel I am wiser and can make decisions better now,Its a weird thing,I'm here writing my first ever account for everyone to see and its so hard to put it into words,maybe I should have sat down and wrote out a better more detailed account of my times on E,which I will do as I have missed out son much.I just wanted to write this in so at least I could see if anyone else has the same accounts of using E?I heard this saying the other day and it seems to really sum up my generation and our fascination with ecstasy,it goes like this:"Our parents set out to find each other,We have set out to find ourselves". Safe Tripping people : )