Swapping consciousness


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I was with a very beautiful girl in my apartment and we were tripping on hash. We were close together and when we closed our eyes something happened. At first it hurt like it was fretting and gnawing inside the brain. Then it got euphoric and our consciousnesses melted into one. We were melted like this for a while.

When we opened our eyes I asked her if she had experienced this too, and she said yes. I was so happy that she had also experienced it.Then we tried this more times at my apartment and at the subway-train. It was easier these times. I was inside her mind and experienced what she experienced.

When this happened I had no notion of my own perceptions or thoughts. It was like I was her.This only worked when we both wanted it to. When she thought something she didn't want to reveal to me it stopped, and when I thought something I didn't want to reveal to her it also stopped.

When I asked her about this later she said she didn't remember, only that something strange happened. I doubt that this is true, since she lies a lot.

There was a price to be payed for this. It was hard to be alone and without her after this, but recently the amphetamine cleared my mind of all this.