Hash is better than weed!


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I use to get high andon marijuana and it's some kind of ritual when I go to my friend's house, we come we smoke weed and begin do something fun. A night like any others when I arrived and I went to my friend's room in the basement. The bong was already full of pot...that's what I thought! He put hashish in the bong with some weed over in a way that I could not see that there was hash under. So, like at usual, I began choking on it! When I was smoking I thought: God, there's some kind of weird taste in that bong...but I continued smoking anyway. After there was anything left my friend told me: - Hey man, how did you find it? - Cool, but a little weird at taste... - Hahaha - What? I told him. - there wasn't just pot in it...there was hash too!

I said ok.... We opened up the computer and began playing Need for speed:Porshe unleash. 15 minutes later, I began to become real high and said to my friend: "Man! That's so cool! Wow! I'm so high" and he told me: "How do you find it?" and I answered "I think it's the best trip I ever had!". We continued to play NFS for a little while and he looked at me and smiled. I said: "What? Am I funny?". "No" he answered, "would you smoke another hash bong?", "Sure!". So we smoked another bong full of hash! When the trip reached it's peak it was a little weird, for the first time in my life I wasn't just high but duplicated my consciousness into a two being mind, like if I had 2 personalities. It was far more difficult to see with my see than on weed trip. We closed the CPU and began chatting on something that I don't really remember. A little while after we began playing guitar (we're two guitarist and we play in the same band). It wasn't real fun, we both told that at the same moment. The other personality that I developed with hash has some kind of illumination. After looked at each other for a good 5 minutes the other personality told:

- Man, I think I got some kind of illumination. - What do you mean? - Playing guitar would be better if...wwe would smoke a 3rd hash bong. - (thinking for 15 if he was analyzing the situation)Yeah! it would be F***ing great man!

So again, we fulled the bong and smoke on it! A couples of minutes after, the duplicated personality splitted again and I felt like there was 5 or 6 myself in the room! After that bong i felt so good man, someone who has never tried hash wouldn't imagine how does it feel! We both began playing guitar again, jamming on Master of Puppets from Metallica and it was fun! After we finished jamming on this song I told my friend with another consciousness(while putting my guitar down):

- Hey man, I want to sing The Doors! - Yeah! Take that Mic and plug it up inn the amp!

So I did. He began playing "The End" and I sang like I never did with, again, with another personality. When the song was over he looked at me and said:

- Wow! you really were like Jim Morrison man and the killer part was REALLY freaking!

- Really? - I swear you man!

At this time I began Screaming: I want to hear the scream for the Butterfly!...again with another myself. After when the trip slowed down we stopped playing The Doors music and looked at each other and we had the same idea...smoke another bong! At the peak of the trip I began to become amazingly friend didn't understand everything I said when I was talking'.15 minutes later he went at the first floor of the house and brought back some cheese. I had so much difficulty to see that I could not really see if it was cheese or not. So he played a little with that. He made me believe that I was eating magic mushrooms...and I believed him! When he told me that I didn't have any reactions, I just told "OK that's cool". Another 15 minutes later he told me that it was just cheese so I told him: "Man, Why did you make me believe that?? Now I'm in a good mood and want to eat shrooms!" And he looked for something in his desk and gave me a gram....a mush gram! so I ate it and had a nice mush trip also.

When I came home, my Girlfriend was waiting for me. She looked at me and told: "Are you high?"...I said "No...I just drank a few beers"(My GF is against every drugs except for alcohol and SOMETIMES weed). So I went in my room and slept a good night. The trip was over when I got up the day after. Everything went well. I just have something to say, if someone tell me one day if I want hash I'll immediately say YES!

To everyone that thinks that weed is the best and say that they will never try something else, don't say that and try it will prefer hash I'm quite sure! Before trying hash I did say I would never try something else than pot...but I'm now in a research to find hash...'cause I want to smoke hash!!!