Having sex while tripping


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Sex is much better if you are high on the holy herb. Cannabis encreases the hunger for both food and sex. It also enhances the pleasure of sex. Cannabis is much better and safe than Viagra. Viagra is a dangerous drug that can cause death for people with weak hearts. Several people have died from the use of viagra. None have died from the use of cannabis. DON'T USE VIAGRA USE CANNABIS INSTEAD.

But for those of you who are still virgins in the ways of Mary Jane's orgasm, all's I gotta say is: Do it! Burn up a thick duber with your sex partner (jeez... could I be more technical?) and just pump (or thrust or pound or ram) the whole f!ckin' night away :) Let me tell ya something... the first time I did this... I had no clue to what to expect. Here I was with a damn, fuckin' sweetest fine girl I'll ever see for a while. To make it different, we decided to smoke a joint to start it off. Boy... did she ever treat me *right*! I was juss havin' a blast with this amazing girl. For a while, the stuff I smoked didn't take effect yet. but then -BAM!!- That shit hit me! In just that quick moment, my mind just shifted into another plane of consciousness. Dudes, my SeX life changed just like that. I never knew that anything can alter one's life, but I found mine! the very stuff I live for... WEEED!! anyways... Here we are, bodies in constant rhythm as we were simultaneously stoned. Waves of pure pleasure ran through our bodies; it felt grreat! Just the feeling of it drowned out all of our thoughts, all reality. It was perfect... we timed it out just right --> Simutaneous fucking orgasm!! But wait. That wasn't it! For some reason, that wasn't all...

You know how girls have multiples? Well, for being a guy, I had my first multi-multiple!! I was able to last for 2 hours after my first 'coming' and counted up to four total orgasms!! Damn, I satisfied her like no other. We had to stop because for some reason my balls were a bit sore because of all that jizzin'. Man... that was THE best! I will never forget that girl. by the way, it was only a 1-niter with her :( but when I think of her, my d!ck just stiffens soo hard that it could break off!! :)