The Ascent to Transcendence


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This is an example of what can happen when cannabis is used in very large amounts. That will always bring you unforgettable and unbelievable experiences, but there are also the risk of a bad trip. Those are fun to remember afterwards, but they are not pleasant at the time of the trip. However if your mind is in a pure state and if you are prepared you will not have a bad trip, but instead a deep and meaningful experience. If you want to trip with cannabis, use hash because it's much stronger than marijuana. You should also use a bong cause that is a lot more effective than smoking blunts or joints. .


On an earlier occasion this happened on another hash-trip: I stood at my balcony looking at the sunset. I had the same day read a trip-report when the tripper asked the question "is this all" and after that everything became very intense for that person. So I wanted to try this myself. So I asked:

"Is this all?"

Then I experienced the experiences of every human that had connected with God in different ways. I got this message:

"You have now entered the higher dimension."

Since then I have understood that Christianity is just one way of connecting with God and that it is not the whole truth. By this I mean no disrespect to Jesus or Christianity.

The main trip

After using the bong and floating along with the music something happened. I split into a multitude of beings. They said with one voice:

"We are everywhere".

I connected to an entity/God/energy-form. It filled me and I felt it through my spine and nerve-system. Then I got a paranoid thought that I was going to die, so I opened my eyes and this meeting ended. This was ofcourse a stupid thought, since no one has ever died from Cannabis. The only thing that would happen if I had smoked even more than this was that I would fall asleep.

Then I got a message from something or someone:

"You are about to receive the ultimate truth."

I thought and sensed that I was ready for it this time.

The first message was:

"Become one with it".

The other message was:

"The ascent to transcendence is the same as dying".

Then I experienced the most pleasant and euphoric sensation ever. I also said out loud: "This is the best thing there is".

I have got this sensation that this is the best thing ever on hash lots of times before, but this time was even better than those before.

After that I wanted visuals, but I didn't get any. Instead I got access to an immense amount of information that I never asked for. I resisted it and didn't go with the flow. The result was that I started to feel sick.

To stop this I started one of my own graphics-shows, that I programmed. It helped because the spiritual and religious part of the trip ended and it became all visual. This is probably the reason why I program graphics, to control my trips so I get the visuals I want. I also tried to look at a psychedelic tube-lamp that I bought recently. But I didn't get any visuals from the lamp. Instead I sensed its raw energetic field.

I'm often not content with the Close Eye Visuals (CEV) I get on drugs. On DMT I get a lot of CEV, but they are not color-full. The CEV's on hashish are not really what I want either. When I was Christian in a real way there was this problem. Most of the times when I got intense CEV's, something forced me to open my eyes and it would end. I was afraid of what is written in the Bible: "If you see the face of God you will die". Now I have this problem. I want it to be visual, but instead it is more spiritual, energetic and religious.

The meaning of this trip shouldn't be taken to literally. I know that you tend to get the trip you ask for sub-consciously. If you believe in aliens, you tend to meet alien beings and see UFO's. If you're Christian, you tend to meet Jesus. If you're into fantasy, you tend to meet elves.

My trip was influenced by recently reading the Bible and playing the computer-game Alpha Centauri and there reaching the "ascent to transcendence". The ascent to transcendence is according to that computer-game when you upload your personality into a planet's mind and become one with it. But despite this, I feel that there was some important information being transmitted to me and this trip showed me the true meaning of "the ascent to transcendence".

One funny thing happened the next day, and I'll tell it for all those people that want to take the meaning of this trip literally. When I wrote down this report, suddenly the computer and everything else shut down and there was an electrical breakdown in the whole neighborhood, like someone tried to stop me from passing along this information...