Weird hallucinations


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Weird hallucinations I saw everything in a whole new light Having sex while tripping

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I was heading to my cousins house with 3.8 grams of chronic and he had 11 grams of purple bud, it wasn't purple haze, but it was a purple chron. When i arrived we went into his room and listed to some Pink Floyd and his dad rushed in looking around in the room, quietly, and sniffing constantly. Finally he said what we were gonna so tonight....wich was unusual, cause hes never asked us that before all the times I've came over. Quickly Ryan,my cousin, said were going to Regal Theaters. I looked at him with surprise and dismay. We were drooped off at Regal around 7 pm.

We ditched the movies and walked to these dark hills with a spoon, .5 of my chron and .5 of his chron. When we arrived we just sat there waiting for these 6 year old little girls to leave with their parents. They finally did and the fun began. We smoked all the bud and sat there laying back against a small hill in a forest like area. We lied there for about an hour just tripping on the trees waving above us. Then we headed down to Wendys and ate some food. While we were there we almost had to fight this jockey 17 year old, us both being 14. My and Ryan were sitting there eating then we look over at him and i see this huge bug on his face and we. I confronted my cousin with this and we started laughing our asses off. We just kept glancing at him and laughing then finally he said " What the Fuck's s funny"? We continued laughing and end up getting kicked out for "starting a scene".

We head down to Regals and just sat outside laughing. When his dad picked us up our trip was falling but we were still incredibly high. When we returned home we went into his room and watched TV and we played Return to Castle Woflestein Cooperative on his xbox. When his father went to sleep we got some more food and smoked about 3 mixed bowls of our chronic in a 16" bong. We were so faded i couldn't read the Instant messages on his computer and replied to every message with a WTF. And started laughing at that. Then I chilled on his futon and stared at the trippy posters he has on the ceiling and he was lying on his bed listening to blueman group on a Walkman. I started to dose off and suddenly the door opened and Ryan came walking in. This scared the shit Uta me cause i thought he was laying down in his bed. He came in with 4 Vikadin, 2 for him 2 for me. After about an hour my trip was going crazy and i was loving it.

I stared at the wall noticing thousands of little mites crawling around, which was a hallucination... Then i began to dose off again and my head was spinning so fast and everything was going fast.Then i heard i loud bang like thunder and opened my eyes and at that very moment when my eyes were open i saw what looked like 1000 bats flying toward me from the door. I was freaked out. I called for Ryan and he was gone again i got up trying to walk and ended up passing out on the steps and falling down them. I woke up in his room in the closet. He locked me in there cause i was running around he said. Good thing i wasn't conscious when i was in the closet or i would have freaked. This was the biggest trip i ever had on cannabis.