I saw everything in a whole new light


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I have been smoking weed now for nearly 4 years now so I have tried both resin and skunk. The best trip I have ever had was when I was at one of my mates house with a few other friends. We had each bought 10 worth of skunk. Before we had gotten to my friends house we had already been smoking some resin and I was feeling pretty stoned. When my friends parents went out we went into his shed and started on the skunk we had.

To start off with it just felt like any other high. After about half an hour of smoking we had smoked nearly half of what we had. I was sitting back in a chair smoking a joint when I started to get this euphoric feeling. What I felt after that is very hard to explain. The usual drowsiness I feel when smoking weed went and it was something else. I saw everything in a whole new light. This is the really tricky part to explain. My eyes opened, not in the physical sense but more in a spiritual sense. Everything was there and it was right! It was so much better. I could look at the most mundane melancholy thing and see true beauty. Not the beauty of physical attraction but the beauty foe how something could look so perfect!!!!!

We continued smoking for another hour and we all got absolutely trashed. I believe that it was like being in the dark all the time and someone had just flipped the light switch on and I could see the whole world in all it's beauty.

From when I started smoking there was 6 of us and we would get stoned every week. Now there are 3 of us and we are getting stoned nearly everyday. One moved away from our group, one quit for emotional reasons, one because he didn't like it. But I have lost no respect for them and still consider them crazy when I'm completely zonked out.

My advise to anyone who is starting smoking is to try both resin and skunk and to smoke what you like best (don't let anyone force u into summit u don't want to do) and if you can to have someone there who can roll but doesn't smoke (you never know how bollocksd your going to get) keep rocking the ganja and be exelant to each other.