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Terrifying Forces


Complete loss of control and reality Terrifying forces Weird Vibrations and Creations
Thrown into another dimension Subconsious visionary state of salvia A higher power

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I just read the other salvia-repost on Its interesting because just aday ago i tried salvia (5x) for the first time myself and i seemed just as terrified.

My experience is totally different from yours though. I was listening to some techno that i made and went by the window in my room to take a few hits of the salvia. I took one hit and I couldnt take anymore. I wanted to go sit down on the chair by my computer where i had this magazine with all this pyschedelic shit in it that I wanted to look at but then all of a sudden i felt a force. It seemed like the techno that i was playing, took on a physical presence and was pulling me back to the window.

Then like a presence from the magazine came up and was trying to pull me to it. It was just total madness. It was like a struggle between the two forces to bring me closer to them. I felt like physcial pushing and pulling and grasping on me but finally i made it to the chair where i wanted to be and thats where the magazine was pulling me too. In the magazine, to the page where it was opened to, there was this naked angel chick. I mean thats the actual thing thats there...but I felt like she was the one who was pulling me there but whatever... I made it there but the whole time i was terrified even when i made it to the chair.

I looked at a picture of Jesus thats hanging on my wall and that calmed me down a bit. I got scared again so I looked at the picture again and it calmed me down...soon after i was coming down and the trip was over.

Interesting thing about this was the whole time i saw tiny, minute, little rips and wrinkles in the shelves, poster, walls, but when i looked at the picture of Jesus they werent on it...they went around it....anyway yeah this shit was terrifying and I dont think i'm gonna try this shit anytime soon if at all..