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Remember my first acid few acid trips were pretty good. I had done 2-3 hits of white blotter in school and it was nice. You know cool trails of shiny things and I definitely had the giggles, and blurry vision. Those trips were cool. Fun and it was a trip on the bus ride home and trying to be “normal” around other people. But when I was 15 I found a part time job and finally had money to go buy some primo ****. And I did. I had a good friend, Rudy, and he introduced me to liquid. And that was the beginning of a whole new acid experience. I got off of work and our prior planning was for him to pick me up with the acid ready to drop. And everything went as planned. So as soon as I got in the car we dropped two double hits each and waited. 15 minutes after dropping, I started to fell like I took blotter again. Got the giggles and trails. It was cool.

But 30 minutes after initial dosing it hit me… hard. I had mad trails and all my senses were whacked. The music warped in and out and the trails I was getting are impossible for me to put into words. We were in my room at this point and it was set up to be a trip room. We were listening to tupac and Jimmie Hendrix. It was an interesting mix. Then we put on pink Floyd. That’s when it got weird. I remember the black light posters come to life. I had a marijuana leaf poster and it was cool looking at it. The longer I stared at it the funnier it got to me. The arms of the leaf seemed to be moving like waves. Then I tripped on the Adam and eve poster I had. That was even cooler. We started to trip on all my posters and ended going outside. One hour after dosing. By now I was really peaking. Hardcore. We looked at the trees and the seemed to be moving. Sort of like dancing. And it was leaving some crazy trails.

Of course it was just the wind blowing them but the sight was amazing. Plus I kept hearing weird buzzing and everything seemed to move and breathe. So that’s when Rudy and I started talking about acid and it effects on the brain. He told me about thought transfer and the idea of speaking with out words. So we tried it out. We were walking down the street talking only in answers. It was dope. It sounds weird I know, but thought transfer occurs. Us trippers call it vibeing off someone. True dosers know that you only hear truth when someone speaks to you when you’re on acid. So we talked for a while about this phenomenon. We ended up at my house again after walking in the streets for who knows how long. Then we started speaking of visuals. He asked,”ever look at yourself in the mirror when your tripping?” And I said no. So he said do it. I did. I didn’t see any crazy **** like people claim like my eyes falling out or dragons or pacman or any of that dumb ****. I saw my reflection and I was like what’s so special about this. He said look at it a little longer. I did. I saw my face and stared for a minute or two.

Then I started to see weird stuff. Like I started to see great detail. I could see my pores really big. My eyes dilated, my facial muscles twitching, and the longer I stared the more I saw. I was fascinated at this point. I could see all my imperfections. But then he said,” You see anything else?” “No.” Look harder. So I did. Then I saw what he wanted me to. It was like I could see through my skin. Not like superman sees through **** just like muscle structure. I could see my muscles under my face. It was tripped out! Then it seemed like what ever I looked at I could see through it like my arm, Rudy’s face, my hand. We tripped out with these visuals for an hour more. Then we were in my room bugging out on posters and then we had a highlighter fight. If you swing a highlighter at someone uncapped the ink will go on then and its no big deal. You cant even see the damn ink. But try it on acid in black light. It was interesting. Our trip lasted a good 10 hours. We had started tripping at 7pm and it lasted until 5-6 am. The knowledge my friend introduced me to was some thing I will never forget. And the following months and years brought many more trips. Some good some bad.