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Subconsious visionary state of salvia


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My experience happened the third time I did salvia/(extract),I had done it the same day outside but the effects were more of a calming wondering yet still conscious state.later that night I asked a friend to come over to try this great new thing I know we were packing bowls out of the pipe I had bought just for the salvia..My friend went first and had relatively the same experience I had earlier that day..after a few minutes of sitting him I decided I would try to get as much out of it as I could..So I packed the bowl as much as I could and light it up and took one giant hoot.i held the smoke in my lungs until I felt I was going to almost blackout,the effect I could start to feel even before I had even exhaled the smoke.when I exhaled I immediately went into a trip I think triggered by the sounds of the music I was listening to at the time,suddenly my mind completely left my body and went into a subconscious state where I could still see myself but I had gotten whats called "salvia gravity" where a wave type thing pushed me constantly to the left.

I was told I grabbed onto a coffee cup because I felt like I was physically moving and being pushed.there was the sound of a train outside and suddenly the guitar case that my foot was on turned into a railroad track and the noises were so loud I had the fear of a train coming toward me and I couldn't move atall exept for the pushing of the waves.i was sitting the entire time and only moved to grasp a coffee cup but in my mind I had gone elsewhere and it was very unexpected.especially because I had done the drug twice earlier that day and the effects were nothing compared to this.i shall experiment with it further!