Cocaine Adventures in South America


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In this experience, the user has control over his cocaine-use.

A few years back I went on a trip down south through Mexico, Central America, and then to Colombia and Ecuador. It was great fun, and a very rewarding experience. In Guatamala I met an English guy named Nigel that had been in Colombia. He said that he had traveled from England, going to Brazil, then through various countries, and ending up in Colombia. Nigel told me that along the route he met locals that became his friends, and often they used Cocaine. Nigel said he had been afraid of Cocaine, having been brought up in the typical "drugs are bad" environment. He was afraid that if he tried it he'd become addicted. Eventually he saw that although his friends used it, they were not addicted. He tried it, and he liked it. He told me that he used it daily for a couple of months. I asked him if it was hard to stop. He said it wasn't. Now I left him and I kept heading south. He told me of a place called the Hotel Miramar in Santa Marta, Colombia. It's east from Cartegena. He said it's a place where gringos can go and use cocaine, and not really be hassled. Somewhere along my trip I decided I wanted to try cocaine if I had the opportunity.

I made it to Colombia and ended up in Santa Marta. The Hotel Miramar was a fantastic place because it's a gringo hangout. My spanish was decent but I could never get close to the natives because it was too cumbersome talking in their language, and very few Latins speak English. Colombia has a reputation of being unsafe so not many tourists go there, so if you're travelling around the country you feel like you're the only gringo. So it was nice to meet up with other travellers in the Hotel Miramer. There were people that stayed there for months or years, and then the others that would come for just a day or two. I ended up staying there for a month. I was waiting for mail from home, and also I was enjoying the company of other travellers. During this time I tried cocaine, and decided I liked it. I would snort the cocaine only. I'd typically use it with other travellers, then a bunch of people would get together and just talk or hang out. I'd usually start using it in the early evening, continue over about a 6 hour period, then I'd stop and go to sleep. I never used it as a pick-me-up in the morning. I got in the habit of only using it when I already felt pretty good.

There were other people that used it a lot more--they would keep going for more than a day or two. I thought this was silly because even though you don't feel sleepy, you know your body wants to sleep, and I didn't want to push it. Also there's not much point in using it for longer periods, as the effect seems to diminish. I would build up a tolerance so that as the time wore on I'd have to take it more and more frequently (over the 4 or 6 hour period in the evening). As I say, I'd usually be with other people when using it and we'd sometimes go out in the night for walks. While in the Hotel you feel perfectly safe using it, it's not a good idea to carry it around town with you--you never know. I figure that over the month I used the cocaine maybe 15 or 20 times. I liked the feeling it gave me. It completely eliminates any feelings of inhibition, so you feel comfortable talking about anything. You also feel fascinated by what other people are saying, although I would prefer to talk. You feel really good, like the cocaine is tickling your pleasure center. You feel energetic. You wouldn't get hungry.

After a month I decided that the surroundings were getting stale, so I left to go to a neighboring beach called Park Tayrona. It's a really beautiful place and a lot of gringos hang out there as well. I didn't do any cocaine while here but I didn't miss it either. There was no feeling of dependency. Cocaine was more of something you did when it seemed like a good idea--not because you felt you needed it. It was something that you'd use when you're already having a good time--it would kick you up into the next level of enjoyment. There was immeasurable pot available also in Colombia. I used to smoke a little but didn't really smoke enough to get over the munchy/can't concentrate stage. Other people constantly smoked the stuff. I never really understood the allure. I figured that the best time to use it was when you were hungry and wanted the local food to taste like a king's banquet :^). The only problems I had with the cocaine was frequent pain in my nose. I was told this was because it wasn't pure, or that it was amphetamine and not cocaine.

Over my trip I tried cocaine many more times and it seemed always a variable experience, depending on where I got it. Also my opinion of what "good" cocaine was never matched anyone else's. One guy gave me some of what he said was the best he had ever used in his life, and it had no effect at all on me. I later decided that what I had called cocaine before was some kind of amphetamine, and what this guy called cocaine was really cocaine (pure), and that for some reason it didn't work on me. This guy used to smoke it also (freebasing) and I tried that several times but never once had any significant effect, although he was flying. After several times when someone would tell me "try this, this is the best" and it did nothing for me, I decided that the substance I had liked before was no longer available and I stopped testing. At no time did I ever feel any withdrawal symptoms. Also I never used it every single day--I would stop for a day or two after each day or two of use. And I never used it for a period longer than 6 hours.