PCP Trip 1; The Scizo Trip


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Being a regular PCP user at the time, I was very suprized at the effects of this one batch of tainted juice. It was very odvious to me that this juice was badly cut from the moment I dipped my ciggarette, the entire thing turned black. The smell, color and viscosity were all off, and I definately should have known better. Being very hedonistic and only caring about getting high I smoked this "poison". Just before smoking this dust, I had just about finished reading "I Know This Much Is True", a phenominal book about a schizophrenic identical twin. After smoking this dust with my roommate, I was a lot more "disconnected" than usual. I began to belive that I was the schizophrenic charater in the story. Freaking out my roommate, I started asking her to read me the story, She was all dusted and looked at me as though I had 3 heads.

Segments of the book had words in Italian, and I started to speak it, even though I do not know the language at all. My voice was coming out very deep and almost demonic. I was crawling all over my furniture and acting like a whack-job. Then my roommate had to leave, I begged her not to, but she did anyway. I ended up staying home to sell some dust to this annoying kid.

He smoked it with me so I could not really complain. By this time I was back in control of myself and watched this kid get sooooo fucked up. He was falling over while sitting down and getting up and falling some more, I had to get him out of my apartment, he was making way to much noise. I ended up getting rid of him finally. This awfully cut juice made me and most people who smoked it have some weird reactions. I then vowed not to smoke odiously cut dust.