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Salvia Divinorum is the strongest mind-altering herb on this planet. Some people believe that Salvia is an evil plant, while others have gained valuable insights from this plant-entity. This is a new drug on the market, but its popularity is rising among people who want the ultimate extreme hardcore trips. Be aware that this drug is only for the hardcore! Don't take Salvia unless you're ready for total ego-death and complete dissociation.

Salvia Divinorum contains the active substance Salvinorin, which causes strong dissociative sensations. Salvinorin's chemical structure is similar to PCP and ketamine, which are synthetic dissociative drugs.

Here is the story of how a man succeded with growing Salvia. It is the same man who wrote the trip-report "Meeting with the Salvia-elves".

I just finished the first harvest of my three Salvia divinorum plants, two of them the 'Hoffman and Wasson' cultivar, one Blosser's (palatable) cultivar, purchased as rooted cuttings from Theatrum Botanicum for 7 U.S. dollars each in early April of this year.

The yield of the harvest: an amazing 36 mostly large, healthy leaves, and 10 new top and stem cuttings which are being rooted with IBA rooting hormone in 4" pots inside a large plastic bag. ( Two days later, the harvested plants look very unhappy, with some wilting and dropping of older leaves, although the tiny nodal leaf sets look fine. The plants were harvested by cutting down from the top about 4-6 nodes, leaving about 4 nodes remaining above the soil line, though one branching stem on one of the plants was left, as it was shorter than the others, and this looks relatively healthy still.)

After receiving the rooted cuttings, they were potted up into deep 4" plastic cell pots, as the available space for them was limited until warmer weather allowed them to be moved to an unheated room upstairs. They were repotted into large (probably 10 gallon size) plastic nursery containers in mid-April when they were moved to an east-facing window in the upstairs room, and enclosed in a large plastic tent to keep the humidity high, as the natural humidity in this part of the country remains relatively low until summertime. They were fed several times with a soluble 15-30-15 fertilizer, limited because the large containers didn't need to be watered very often. In the two months I've had them, they grew about two floppy feet on multiple stems. They get a very brief period of full morning sun but otherwise are located in a bright but shaded position. I suspect they could tolerate a little more sun than they're currently getting, and I'll experiment with the new cuttings to find out more about their range of good growing conditions.

Upon harvesting the leaves, I set them on a bed to begin drying, but as it was a steadily rainy day and the dew point was in the low 60s, they didn't dry much. By the evening, I put 6 leaves onto a screen rigged over a small ceramic-disc blown-air heater to dry them to a crispy, burnable state.

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