Road trip through USA on speed


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8-15-97 5:30 am

We’ve been driving thru Nevada since Two this morning
It’s a bummer Uncle Dale got busted out this way, but at least we got a warning.
Since we left the Sierra Mountains and Reno, the drive’s been pretty boring.
Can’t sing any road tunes, Outlook for radio stations is pretty bleak
Stopped in Carlin, Nevada for Rock N Roll Music which we desperately seek
Found some Kansas and Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Daryl’s stationwagon is loaded full and driving fairly level
Wide awake and traveling down the Interstate
Should hit Sioux Falls Saturday ‘bout six - that’s not too late
Steve from California has left behind that rat race
Gonna check out South Dakota, which will be a change of pace
He’s the one who brought the “coffee” (crank)
No need to eat the bars in the back which are made of Toffee

Just ridin’ along at a comfortable speed
HAIL! HAIL! Thank You, God for the Killer Green Bud they call “Skunk Weed””
Sit back, relax, it will be a fast trip indeed
Just about through Nevada , only 12 miles to go..
Next, we’ll see what the state of Utah has to show
‘S”Only Mormons and Mexicans there for all I know
Once in awhile, we see some ‘bros riding home from the STURGIS RALLY
Hope they’re riding slow
Cops in Nevada are pricks, like most cops, as we all know….
But if you get pulled over, they’ll lose your ID, and rob your Dough!
Gotta be sly and try to outsmart ‘em
Cuz they’ll be along soon enuf and wont beg your pardon

Road Trip 8-16-97 8:08 am

Now we’re talking South Dakota Badlands
Spread out far to where the final wall stands
I truly believe they are where spririts remian
Some are rested..some feel pain.
We drove around the Black Hills most of last night and this morning
Went to a dark, under construction Mount Rushmore
No lights! Except for the job shack
We walked up there anyway and I swore there were other people there
Eyes were playin tricks!
Steve thought he saw those people, too.
Keith and Daryl say otherwise!
I still think there was something strange going on, I don’t care!
By 5:30 we were going through Deadwood and then off to Sturgis to find some shirts
Can you believe? No luck!
Oh well, see what happens closer to home.