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I finally can state to an expert my personal experience with cocaine. I have been using since 1986. In the beginning, coke was a wonderful drug, full of complete euphoria, sexual deviance and just a general sense of owning the world! That was in the beginning. As of the last five years I have found nothing but absolute junk! The stuff I get now no longer makes me feel good but rather the opposite. It locks you up immediately, unable to communicate, increased heartrate, paranoia, decreased sexual appetite and just a general bad feeling. I thought at first it might just be in Indianapolis, but after traveling to Florida, Aruba, Cancun, L.A., Pheonix and Boston, just to mention a few, I have concluded that real coke no longer exists. I go to parties everywhere where people are snorting and it looks like a crack party. Shhhhhh is all you hear. I hear all these songs as of late describing how wonderful coke is.......where the hell are they getting they're shit! Geeked out is the best way to describe the feeling. And this is just after about three or four lines. I used to be able to party on coke for three days straight, but now I'm exhausted after one! What the hell is in this shit that geeks you out so fast, all over the world?