Pleasure and pain


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This dopefiend first experiences pleasure and then pain.


I drop some speed in a glass of water and drink it. I watch the movie "Story of Us" with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. Writing is fun on speed. I wonder how many professional writers take speed to get inspiration. I look at a clock and it disturbs me. I have to turn it away so I can't see it. One bad thing about speed is that time moves really fast while you're under the influence.

I always feel very restless on saturday nights, but not tonight. I don't want away from this reality and I really like this life. I should do this every day, but I know that it's not good to do it too often. You got to have discipline to handle this drug.

I'm dropping some more speed. Soon I feal nice energy rushes in my head. It feals like a flowing stream. It is the same fealing like after a really good orgasm, but stronger. My hearing is amplified and I hear the stereo effects on the TV very clear. I feal very sharp and concentrated. Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer are really cool people. They are angry in the movie, but I don't take it personal like I would on hash. I don't get affected by the bad vibes in the movie and still feal good. I think uppers and downers will remain more popular than psychedelics, because they are so easy and undemanding. You just feal good without having to deal with anything deep, transcendent or too intense.

Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer play a married couple and I really get into the movie. I relate to what's going in the movie and I only have nice associations, not any bad associations at all like I get sometimes. I feal so good and I get very involved in the social interactions of the movie. I want to have the volume on the TV really loud.

Jenny called me. She is a nice girl who is also into amphetamine. Despite this I didn't feal like talking to her since I was so into the movie. I just told her I was busy. My heartbeat is regular and I don't feal like it is beating too fast. If it did, I wouldn't propably care since speed makes me carefree and removes my fear of everything. That is why I would have abstained from taking speed if I had any heart-problems. I chew a lot and gnaw my cheek against my jaw. I have been tapping my fingers during the whole movie. These are harmless and peculiar side-effects of amphetamine.

I really don't want this movie to end. I want it to continue forever, but despite this the movie ends. I want to have more speed, but I know I have to wait. It's always like this with amphetamine. You just want more of it all the time. I feal warm when I undress from my ordinary clothes and put on my rave-clothes. The sense for touch is enhanced. I look into the mirror and I think I look good and feal confident. That doesn't necessarily mean that I look good, since speed boosts your self-confidense and makes you think that you look good.

I turn on the stereo and put on some eurotechno and some new fast techno. This type of music is perfect for speed, since it is so energetic. I prepare food and get ready for the rave. I get on the subway-train and eat my food. I am not hungry at all, but I eat anyway. I figure if I'm going to dance all night on speed, the body got to have something to get energy from. The food doesn't taste much, but I had no problem eating.

I dropped some more speed before I got into the rave. I had a date with a girl there (not Jenny). I had been dating her before, but it was about three months ago. When I met her we shared some more speed. I was high on both her and the speed and I was really in love. We both got vey social, danced and hugged and we could talk relaxed about anything.

We dropped some more speed and this magic night continued. The relation between us is not interesting for this amphetamine-report, so I won't go into more any details here. We dated some more after this, until I realized that she was only using me to get free drugs.

The rave closed and it was cold, but the amphetamine gave me enough energy to run around and catch a taxi.

I am at home and still chewing and fealing energetic.

I am watching 3D-graphics demos on my computer and fealing great.

I got hungry and after eating the high went down.