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The first time I ever took a pill was the best feeling in world. I was with my mate becci who doesn't take drugs and I think she was really scared about the way I was acting, my teeth grinding and HUGE pupils. I felt really protective over her and kept telling her how much I loved her and that I was going to look after her (making a proper prick of myself on the bus infront of loads of people). I kept talking to people I didn't even know asking them for hugs and telling them I was their friend. I felt really alert and was walking like Id **** my pants. It was hailstoning and pissing it down with rain outside but I felt like it wasn't even raining and took my coat off. I couldn't feel the hailstones or the rain at all and I was on cloud 9.

After that time I started taking ecstasy about twice a week on Friday and Saturday nights with some other mates who had been taking it for a long time and over a period of time started taking it nearly everyday. It was great and while we was on it we bonded loads and would walk around the streets in the middle of the night with no jackets on holding hands and saying how much we meant to eachother. We would walk for miles and miles in the middle of the night just happy because we had eachother and everything was fine. I have to say that the feeling of ecstasy is completely indescribable and while I was on it all my problems and feelings of sadness went away and I was surrounded by a world of love and happiness for those 4 or so hours I was up. When I started to come down I'd often take another pill and another trying to keep up, but it doesn't really work and by taking more e's when your coming down never brings you back up to the original buzz you have when you take your first pill for the night. Once your coming down your coming down and you can't really bring the buzz right back up but I find that drinking beer makes you feel like **** and smoking weed makes you more chilled out and eases the comedown but some people don't agree with me on that.

One time I had been out with a couple of mates cruising around all night whilst pilling and then going to a mates house for a party. I'd had about 6 pills that night and had been smoking weed and drinking aswell. I went home at about 8 o clock in the morning the next day and my mouth was so chewed and sore that I couldn't talk for a week and I had such bad depression for a period of about 3 days that I couldn't stop crying and had to go to hospital. After that time I stopped taking ecstasy as much and now I have found that the buzz I get is no where near as euphoric as the feelings I got my first 2 or 3 times taking it. Its not as good anymore and I've gone off it. I had my last pill about 2 months ago and I don't plan to be taking anymore anytime soon. Ecstasy changed me and friends I used to chill with before I started taking it say I have changed so much and I am a completely different person now. My memory has also gone down the pan and I can't even remember stuff I did yesterday morning.

Ecstasy is good at first and can even make you feel happier during the week when you know you've got a fantastic weekend ahead pilling your face off and dancing all night, but believe you me if you take it too much the buzz will soon go and there will be no point in taking it anymore. If I was you I would stick to smoking weed and having a few beers at the weekend because it does you no harm and you will still have a mint weekend getting pissed and stoned out of your head and making a dick of yourself. GO 4 IT