The Perfect Moment


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I dropped two hits of acid at 14,15. The blotters were called "Tintin" aNd it took about one hour forthem to start to work. I spent the trip outdoors in the forest. It was sunny and warm and the first hours of the trip was alright. I tripped but I got distracted by motor-sounds and other noises, so I couldn't get as far as I wanted in my trip. I wanted to try "microscope-vision", so I tried to see all small details. I didn't get much "microscope-vision" however. At 17,40 I took my bike and went to another place to try to trip better. It was a swampy forest around a lake.

After a while my field of vision began to spin a bit. It appeared like waves crossed my field of vision and I fealt very euphoric. Then I got distracted by a disturbing thought, so it stopped. I wanted it to start again, so I concentrated and the sensations came back. I saw a woman moving towards me and then back again. She repeated this for a while. I interpreted this as the same indian-woman that I had met during a previous mescaline-trip. I thought that I should not be afraid. I concentrated and I was not afraid at all. Then she finally made it all the way forwards to me.

She was very scared and it seemed like she came from some war. I'm not sure
of this, because some gunshots from a training-ground for hunters were heard in the background. So she could have been scared of this instead. This time she had no message to me like she had in the mescaline-trip. It was my turn to help her now and I promised that she could come anytime and I would always be there. This calmed her down, but after a while it seemed like she thought this world was too noisy. She went back to the other side and our contact was broken.

Then I continued on my way to the lake. I came to a swamp and the evening-sun was shining on the plants. It fealt like the Garden of Eden. I fealt both in love and horny at the same time. I got some emotional insights about the human civilisation and its good and bad side-effects. After a while I continued to the lake.

There was no distractions there and I just heard the sounds of birds. It was near sunset and the sun was shining on the water and a bird-watching tower stood in front of me. It was so perfect and I understood that something great was about to happen. Before I went up in the bird-watching tower I thought that I was not going to try to control it, because I made that mistake before in another lifetime. I saw the strong sunbeams reflecting on the lake. I could look straight at it without getting blinded by the light. It was so pure, perfect and true.

I fealt that nothing after this will mean anything. Everything that I will experience after this will mean nothing. It would be worth it to live a whole lifetime just to experience this moment. The only important thing is to fight for this. I understood that I would destroy this moment if I tried to describe it more. I did it right this time, because of this and because I didn't try to control it. I had no hallucinations or visual distortions and I saw it just the way it is.

Even though I had realised that I should not to try to describe it, after a while I began to think things like "this is the best thing I've experienced in my life". Then I still made the mistake of trying to describe the perfect and pure, and this destroyed a bit of the rest of the experience. I thought that it would be even better if I climbed up to the top of the tower. I was a little concerned if I would manage to climb up the ladder, but I could move smoothly just like I was sober. There was some stupid graffiti at the top of the tower, which disturbed my experience here. I took in other people's experiences at this place at other times. There had been a lot of couples in love here. I reexperienced their emotions and fealt in love, but I couldn't come back to the pure and perfect experience I had before.

I went down the tower, but I wanted to go up again. I knew this was wrong, because I couldn't reach the same perfection again. I couldn't resist it and I now understood my addiction to certain things like cannabis and the sun. I fealt and understood the addiction and desire for new life, that keeps the reincarnation-process going. I also understood that addiction can be good, because it causes desire. If there's no desire for anything, there is nothing.

I went up in the bird-watching tower again, but since I took in other people's experiences here at other times, I didn't reach the same perfect moment. The sun was setting and it became darker, so I went down to a barbecue-place beside the tower. I picked up other people's experiences at other times here. It was much drunkeness and stupidity, and this got me in a bad mood.

It was now dark and I was in the middle of the forest, so I went back. There was a barbed fence along the path. This was very uncomfortable and it frightened me. I fealt like someone was following me. I wanted to run, but I knew that it would make things worse if I ran. I managed to avoid panicing, and I came to a crossroad. There were three paths here and I had to make an important decision. It seemed like one path went back to my life and the other two went to other life. This terrified me. To calm me down I thought in a panic type of humor: "Well, I choose my life then. It's not that bad after all." I feal guilty for thinking this, since it seemed too serious to joke about.

So I choose my path and came back to my bike. I rode back throught the darkness. I wasn't scared anymore. I tried to enjoy the moon and trip on it, but motor-noises disturbed me. I began to think about environmental destruction and couldn't enjoy the trip. On my way back I got the insight that drugs with biological origin, like mescaline and cannabis have some barriers for what is possible to do spiritually while under the influence of them. These barriers don't exist for LSD, since it is synthetic. These barriers protect against doing things that break the rules of life. Which these laws are and what the things are that would break these laws, I can not say. It would be a crime to pass along this knowledge. Even to talk about it would be a crime. That is why I can not write down everything that happened during this trip. There are things that I have learned from psychedelics that I wish I didn't know. But that is the price you have to pay if you use psychedelics the right way.

I came back to my appartment at 20,20. I put on "Astral projection", which is psychedelic trance music. I closed my eyes to check for Closed Eye-Visuals (CEV). At first I didn't get any, but then I saw blood and mutulated bodies. I had to open my eyes. I didn't know what to do. It seemed like everything went wrong in the trip. I had headache, and I realized the reason I had this was the amphetamine I had consumed last weekend. I decided to cut down on the speed, and take smaller doses in the future.

I became hungry so I ate some food. A strange thing about LSD is that it only affects the mind and you still have the same physical needs as if you're sober. After that I was restless, beacause I was in a half-trippy state, where I couldn't do ordinary things. I wasn't trippy enough to really trip. To get back into a a trippy state of mind and to heal the headache, I smoked hash in my bong. Then I felt good again and the headache dissapeared. I put on "Tangerine dream"and closed my eyes to check for Closed Eye-Visuals. Tangerine dream is perfect music for inducing out-of-body experiences, and it worked well this time. I had colorful, entertaining and funny Closed Eye-Visuals. After an hour of tripping like this I tripped on a space-program on TV about Voyager's journey to the outer plantets. I fell asleep at 1.00. The next day I was tired and exhausted until I had wrote this trip-report.

I think LSD is the most effective psychedelic and the most effective way to reach very high states of consiousness. But I think mescaline is more effective in some ways, since it lasts longer, it also gives you a lot of energy and it stops physical needs like hunger. I think people that take LSD should be careful, since they are dealing with tremendous strong forces. If you use these forces the wrong way, the consequences for you will be terrible. I am however aware of this and I will continue to use this drug.