PCP gives you dissociative experiences. That means that your conscience separates from your body. Other dissociative drugs are ketamine and DXM. DXM stands for dextromorpan and is the active ingredience in cough-syrup. All these drugs were first used as
anesthetics for animals and they all dissociate the connections between the body and the mind. All of them also cause a funny robot type walk. PCP trips often result in uncontrollable violent behavior and it damages the brain.

This is the chemical formula for PCP:

PCP has a real bad reputation. That is because the drug have been popular in ghettoes under the name "angeldust". The drug has been sold by dealers to friends who have not been ready for the disociative experiences. These people in the ghettoes are usually in bad shape for a strong disociative drug like PCP and often have bad trips.

PCP is a very bad drug for parties and social occasions because it is very difficult to talk and socialize under the influence. If someone disturbs a friend under the influence of PCP, the friend can get violent. But PCP can be a good thing for prepared trippers who want to have disociative experiences and have out of-body-experiences. However, if you don't like the idea of being "out of touch" with your body, feeling cut off from reality like that, it´s not a good idea for you to try it.

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