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''A night to remember,with the friends you'll never forget.''If I could go back anywhere in the past,Saturday would be the day. Glad I entered this circle:the circle of trust,the circle of love,the circle of hope,the circle of freedom,the circle of Rave.

Chris and Jack said they wanna celebrate their friends birthday,Steve's,and they asked if they can do it at our place.....They all planned on doing pill(roll)they said after I'll try it,it will change me,and how I look at things in life.

I was like yeah right,but it did change alot of things and I'm gonna write the whole story about it.Because this is a gift what Chris gave menobody ever gave me gift like that.

They said it will be the best day of my life,I really didn't think it will be this good,didn't think it will be even close to this.....I was against these pills,in my mind i said:why can't we have fun without drugs.But I found out you can never have this much fun,you can never be this happy just with pills.Alot of people are against it,but if they'd tried it,they would change their mind.

They will love it,it is impossible not to.Man I can write pages of it,until I'll run out of pages....

Since the party I am so calm,relaxed,it is incredible!!I'm waiting for the next one,the next happiness.This message goes out to everyone:There is a whole different world out there where you are just fuckin' happy,friendly,loving everyone and everyone loves you,try it there will be absolutely no regrets...I wanna say a huge thank you to my buddy Chris,cause he made it happen.I am privileged to know him!!

Let's start with how it began....We planned this for Saturday night.I went to work,got off at 11:30,all of the dudes were at our place already,very cool people I might add!

We all took it at 11:45,I bought one,first I thought it won't be enough,won't have visuals and stuff like that.I was wrong,one pill was plenty.I didn't take it all at once,my dude said not to,cause I will be too fucked up.So I took a quarter at first then in 15 minutes I took a half.

Chris got in it the first of all of us,he took 3 and a half,I was like ,man he will be thrashed haha...

So it all took 30-35 minutes and I was literally flying!All the others too,I couldn't barely talk.My heart was beating so fast,I thought it will jump out,loved that feeling.I was so happy and friendly,and we all were.For like 10 minutes I was standing in the middle of the living room looking at the bathroom,couldn't keep my eyes off of it,felt like I gotta go in there.Then I went to say thank you to Chris,we all said thanx.He got the pills to all of us,he is known by alot of people.Then we all hugged each other,I said sorry to my dude for everything and hugged him.

It felt good,we all were massaging each other with my lotion,I saw a few things,nothing scary,it was beautiful.Steve was massaging Joe,and I saw that his hands went into Joe's back,it was cool.I was massaging Craig,then Nick,had alot of fun with them....They surrounded me at all times,alot of love was there.Then I got several see breezes,hard to explain how that was but you guys know what I'm talking about.I was in the living room or the bedroom chilling with everyone.I layed down on the living room floor,Nick layed next to me.Steve,the birthday guy gave us a light show,kinda felt like I was hypnotized,man it was awesome...Sometimes what I did to one person,the other one next to me felt it also.Sometimes I couldn't stop my legs from shaking.I had that other cool feeling when Steve put his hands on my head and did something,it felt like rocks fell off of my head,then he shook my head,made me dizzy,it felt awesome....

I played alot with one of the toys,that little ball,it looks like a star and it has alot of colors in it,beautiful.Steve asked me if I like America or Europe better,I said America,expecially now haha.Me,Craig and and Nick layed down on my bed and had alot of fun,hard to explain but they know...There was a little light I played with,put it in my eyes seversl times,it felt damn good.I couldn't even think of bad things even if I wanted to.For a minute I set my anger free,it was very powerful and great.Then I played with one of our lamps which Jack gave us,I was moving the lamp the way I wanted to,could control things,had alot of power inside me.

My favorite thing was how my heart beaten so fast,and sometimes it was hard to breath.For a minute I had so much joy,didn't know what to do with it.It was so much beauty,felt like my heart can't take it...Sometimes it felt like it was too good.You definetly cannot feel this joy in real life.I felt like I am in a cartoon and sorrounded with cartoon characters.Chris saw 2 monkeys in a desert.I was brushing my hair with one of the toys,it really felt like a real brush.I couldn't get one of the toys off my leg,it was cool ans interesting.Craig took out his tongue piercing and put one of the toys in the hole,it was damn cool!About the pill:Don't tell me it's not worth trying for,don't tell me it's not worth living for!

It's cool and safe if you don't take too much.I won't need more then 2 next time.The others came down around 7,I still had it after 9:30.I couldn't sleep at all,only for 2 hours,but it was enough...Woke up,wasn't tired,I took a shower,a long one,everything was in slow motion,wonderful.I kept that ball,it means alot to me....I still had a little in me the next day.When I did a few things,my body moved differently,craved weed like crazy.The feeling in the pill was in me for 9 hours,wow,I'm looking forward to this experiance!All of you guys are awesome and we are so close to eachother now even if we don't roll....I'll write about the next party too,until then,I'll just ber calm and relaxed and not give a damn about trouble and stress.Thanx again Chris dude,I'll never forget you or the other guys!

''A night to remember with the friends you'll never forget''.