Fioricet and it's use for migraines

Migraines and how to deal with them

We will talk now a little about what are migraines and what we know about them so far. As mentioned Fioricet is not mainly meant for dealing with migraines and It is not a long term solution for it, but it has been known to be the most effective solution despite the fact that it can be habit forming. Actually it is thought that the reason why it is habit forming is that it reliefs the pain so well, that no other medication can match it.

Migraines are in general defined as a chronic neurological disorder, which is known because of its very strong to moderate headache attacks and other effects like sickness. Migraines are more likely to appear in adult women than in men and by three times as much. The word migraine translates to "half the skull in pain" in Greek. This is due to the fact that it is unilateral, meaning it only affects one side of the head in most cases.

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It is described as a throbbing pain that can last anywhere from a few hours to three full days, without any stopping. Other symptoms of migraine (other than the horrible headache) can include sickness and vomiting, over sensitivity to lights and sounds, and exposure to these can greatly worsen the state. That is why most patients are advised to stay in dark and quiet places for the whole duration of their migraine, because ignoring it and trying to function normally can only amplify the symptoms and make the attack must more worse than it actually is.

Many patients have developed over time a sense when the migraine is about to hit, some doctors refer to this as an aura, a constant buzzing surrounding every sense, like a sense of vibration. Many patients experience this differently and have their description, but in any case, most have learned to sense it before it appears.

This is very useful, because at this onset phase if the patient is able to provide himself with the conditions of dark and quiet place and take any pain, nausea medications in time, the symptoms can greatly be reduced, and even in some cases completely avoided.

So far as we know there is no permanent solution for migraines, we can only manage the symptoms, and even those if the attack is caught in time. Generally we do not know why migraines appear but so far scientists have concluded that it definitely has something to do with over stimulating the central nervous systems and a disorder in pain receptor that are located in the persons brain stem.

Another possible cause has been proven to be hormones, since at teen years males and females have the same chance of developing migraines, while adult women are three times more likely to do so. Also there has been found a link between pregnant women and both lowering and increasing in migraine appearance and intensity, this is still something scientists are working on.