Cannabis is the most healthy drug there is. It is a true friend in times of need. Cannabis can be used to enhance sex, heal the body and mind and to practice religion.Tripping while reading your favourite porn or making love to your best girl can give a heightened sense of awareness and involvement.

It enhances creativity and makes you productive. Hash can give you impressing psychedelic trips, while Marijuana is better as a party drug, or if you just want to chill out. Don't smoke cannabis too often, because then it will loose its psychedelic effect and it will work as a sedative instead.

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Trip 1-The Ascent to Transcendence
Trip 2-Swapping consciousness
Trip 3-Hash is better than weed!
Trip 4-Weird hallucinations
Trip 5-I saw everything in a whole new light
Trip 6-Having sex while tripping