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Not quite a week ago, one of my very close friends came over for a visit. We sat and bullshit for awhile and then, out of nowhere, he asked me if I wanted to try that Divine Sage shit I had seen on the news about 8 months back. I had been wanting to try it ever since I seen the program and I could hardly believe that he had it, (much less it was really going to make me trip). So I told him to load it up. I handed him my glass pipe in extremely curious anticipation. He told me that it was 10x and that it was the strongest he could get. So he dumps out this powdery/leafy stuff onto the tray that looks like some of the crapiest ditch weed I had ever seen. I was very skeptical yet at the same time kind of nervous and sweaty. I had thought that somewhat strange. I am no stranger to the drug scene. He told me to take three big hits and to hold them in as long as possible........and then he told me that he would talk to me when I got back. This threw me off a bit and I asked him what he meant. He just said to hit it and find out.

It was my roommate on the right side of the couch, my friend in the middle and me on the left. BTW. He made me sit down before I hit it and this too threw me off a bit more. Let me tell you. All I could get in were two hits and all I remember feeling or thinking was "Damn that stuff works fast. I began to laugh uncontrollably. I mean I was laughing so hard I was drooling on myself. About absolutely nothing at all. Gravity became extremely relevant and incredibly intense. I felt a very strange poking sensation all over my body as I was forced to the back of the couch. Everything around me that was real seemed to dissolve into bright bursts and colors. My friends voices faded and was replaced with surreal sounds and voices. A part of this was very frightening and wanted to come down while at the same time the other part did not want to let go.

For a bit, time was completely irrelevant. It meant nothing. But the main peak lasted probably around a minute or so, but I wasn't keeping track. Then the next thing that started to occur was the awareness of reality. The feeling that I need to try to break away from the insane gravitational pull of the couch. So I'm trying to stop laughing, barely aware that I am still laughing so hard, attempting poorly to form a sentence and putting all of my strength into sitting up. I finally manage to sit up but am immediately thrown forward, as if all the gravity was pulling toward my legs. Everything was extremely fuzzy and for some reason I could have sworn I was in a line for a roller-coaster. In particular. The Orient Express at Worlds of Fun. I have no idea why. I had a feeling of warmth and happiness when I looked over at my friends.

I then was sound-minded enough to see that my roomie had just nailed a couple of hit himself and was too laughing uncontrollably. I began to speak still halfway giggling. I could not tell you what was said but I can tell you it was good. The after buzz lasted about 30-45 minutes or so and wasn't really uncomfortable except I felt cold but sweaty. It was mild and did not last long.

For anyone who has never felt complete loss of control and reality while wide awake. The knowing that consciousness is just out of reach. Know this. I realize now more than before that I have a lot to be thankful for. This helps remind me not to take every little thing for granted. I feel a bit more enlightened now that I have met Miss. Salvia.

I do plan on taking more trips to her place, (wherever that may be) in the future. However. I urge you to treat her with respect. If you feel your not ready for complete loss of control and consciousness, DO NOT TAKE. It is a privilege to be allowed to use a drug and or tool such as this. Please don't take it lightly. Have fun with it. Learn from it. But for the love of God, don't be a dumbass with it. -peace