Speeding Through Hospital


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It was saturday night and me, my girlfriend went out clubbing. We had organised some speed and took most of it when we got into the club at about 10 pm. Nothing happened for about an hour as it usually takes a while to hit us. The first feelings were an exited/nervous feeling in our stomachs. It kinda feels like butterflies. Then we decide to take the rest at about 11 pm. After this we went upstairs to the dance floor and danced for about half an hour. By this time we were totally buzzin'. We contined to do this for about 2 hours, having breaks often. At about 1:30 am while walking down some stairs, my girlfriends glow stick poped and it sprayed up in her eyes. The security guards took her and washed her eyes out and told me to go get my car and drive it around the back so I could take her to the hospital. Driving while whizzing is quite fun yet scary cause you know its dangerous.

I took her to the hospital and we checked in and sat down. Now, not being able to do anything while being on speed is an interesting experience to say the least. We sat there for a total of about 2 hours waiting for a nurse or doctor. In this time we, in a word, went completely insane. The rush is worse if you can't do anything. Plus police were coming in and out, so the paranoia isn't good either. We sat there and I could hardly hold my self together. I kept on saying to my girlfriend that i was going insane. The wormhole effect, as i like to call it, was really strong. It is as if all the thoughts in your head start about a mile in front of you and accelerated the entire time and so by the time they get to you they just race by at a 1000 miles an hour. This didn't help the insanity.The rushed got really strong as well. The whole time we were sitting there we were both sweating and talking at a million miles an hour about everything and anything. The hospital was actually a quite interesting place to be watching the new patients go in and out being intrigued by how exactly the man with blood all over him hurt himself, was it cause his best friend slept with his girlfriend and he just found out OR was it that he had been walking along with bacon in his pocket and the neighbours dog jumped over the fence and tried to eat him. Each patient was an exciting new story, each more exciting than the last. We got my girlfriends eyes checked out and they were O.K. By this time it was 4:00 am so we wanted to dance so we went back to the club but they wouldn't let us in for legal reasons, or something. So we went home and smoked some cones. Of course really good sex followed this. Then we sort of just dazed of to a relaxed slumber.