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Complete loss of control and reality Terrifying forces Weird Vibrations and Creations
Thrown into another dimension Subconsious visionary state of salvia A higher power

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The first time i smoked salvia, it was 5X which i had bought over the internet. i had been anticipating its arrival and was prepared to open myself to whatever this new drug was going to give me. it was around midnight when i packed d a fairly large bowl and began to smoke. i inhaled deeply and held for 30 seconds. immediately i felt very heavy and everything started changing. i was still "normal" but began to hear, well more like think, voices telling me to smoke more and i would then be able to come with them and experience their world. I finished the bowl and laid down on my bed.

My vision was flat, like a television screen, and my body was hot and itchy, for some reason i remember relating the physical sensations i was having to the smell of the salvia. i then felt hands reaching from behind me and pulling me into a different world. just then, they said thetime wasn't right, and when it was i would know and could come back. i was disappointed but notsad about this. i then snapped out of it just as my mother unexpectedly came home and knocked on my bedroom door. if she would have come home 30 seconds sooner she would have seen me in a very compromising position. I thanked lady salvia and realized this drug is far more powerful then we can understand.