Heroin is the ultimate downer. When you take heroin the first times you will probably get sick, until your body has get used to the drug. When that has happened, you're hooked and you'll have to take heroin to not get sick. If you then want to quit doing heroin, you'll have to go through the hellish withdrawal period.Some people think the heroin high is the best thing there is, while others just think it's boring and pointless.

Heroin briefly stimulate the higher centerers of the brain but then depress activity of the central nervous system. It gives you a very pleasant warm feeling like your body is floating away. Since heroin is illegal the street quality and strength of it is uncontrolled. That´s why it´s impossible for users to know how strong the heroin is. This is the reason why so many people overdose heroin and die. If heroin was legal the quality and strength of it could be controlled, and so many people wouldn't have to die from it.The chemical name for heroin is diacetyl-morphine.

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This is the chemical formula for heroin


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