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There was going to be a rave going on this night and I had thought about doing acid for my first time. I tried to convince myself that I'd only try it once, as with any hardcore drugs, besides weed. So I asked my friend, who was coming to the rave with me, to get me two hits. So we finally got to the rave, I had been stoned and couldn't find my way to the rave for two hours, until I finally gave in to follow the directions, which my friend kept on insisting me on doing!

So we got there, and my buzz was gone from the weed, and I decided I wanted the acid! I had asked my friend for the couple hits, but he convinced me that I probably should do it at the hotel, saying that I might have a bad trip. I didn't think I could, considering that I was at a rave, and could have so much fun trippin there! So I agreed and waited till the hotel. We got to the hotel around 1:00 am and, luckily, I had come prepared with a strobing black light , strobe light, and a small stereo. So then in the hotel room, I prepped up all the visual and sound fx, put in a happy hardcore trance cd, and took my two hits! It had taken around 15-20 minutes until I felt the effects take their place.

I sat there and thought of what I could do to amuse myself. I started to wave my hands around in the stobe light. I was simply amazed at how my hands could move! Then all of a sudden I gasped for air, and a shivver went down my spine in which made my neck go stiff, and started my head to shatter a little bit! HOLY SH-I-I-I-I-T-T-T!!! All my muscles tensed up in my arms and legs, and then I noticed I was falling backwards towards the floor. I couldn't notice that I had actually been falling back for awhile but it seemed like I was actually getting closer to the strobe light. I got up and started to laugh so hard that I started to cry.

Then I started to look at the strobe again through my tears. The sight was amazing! My tears had made some of the streaks of light go blurry, and towards the corner of my eyes, where the tears were, there were little moving spirals of rainbows. I loved this effect and started to squint my eyes so that all I was looking through was my tears. It was like these little flashing spirals were moving and coming closer and closer but never hit me. It sort of felt like I was going through space at light speed! It felt like I had been doing this little seeing through my tears thing for about a half an hour or so.

My friend had been playing with a couple of light sticks and suggested that I try them out. These glow sticks, when he placed them in my hand they looked as if they were huge blocks of energy pulsing. It felt as If actual energy waves were flowing through my hands and arms, with every pulse it made. And it was as if I could here the waves coming. It sort of sounded like ocean waves with a hint of static that came from the radio. I started twirling the sticks in little circles, I thought maybe it would look cooler without the strobe and with just the black light.

So I turned the strobe off and put in this liquid cd. I started to spin the light sticks around again. The glow and the colors just ran so smoothly together, and there were major trails folowing the glowsticks every movement! I had tried playing with the light sticks earlier at the rave, but I thought I sucked at it, and gave up. But now I fell as if I could do anything with them. As I was spinning the light sticks around, the music had just made its clearing. I felt the music just hit me and I felt If I had to go psycho with the glow sticks! I spun my hands so fast and so smoothly that I felt I could never stop! A couple minutes later the music had went through its high stage and I quit spinning. I turned the strobe back on and decided to just sit down in the recliner in the corner of the hotel room. I closed my eyes. There were lights, colors, and waves flowing through my eyes. I felt as if I were moving through light speed again! Every once in a while i'd gasp for air, as if I hadn't been breathing in a while.

With every gasp, came a shiver and a tenseness through my neck and back. YEAH it felt good! I opened my eyes and noticed this spinning on the opposite side of the room! My friend hade made nunchucks with his four glowsticks and 6 of his glow in the dark bracelets! The effect looked so cool, and I thought he was the best! I watched in amazement as he spun the sticks in every direction! I insisted on using them! I spun the light sticks like nothing else. It all moved so smoothly except at the occasional whacking myself in the face and legs with the sticks. Soon I quit that and sat in front of the stobe light. I was playing with these glow in the dark bracelets. making them go crazy by rubbing my fingers together with the bracelets spinning in between them. They were going so fast that it looked like liquid electricity on the tips of my fingers.

I soon noticed that it was 4:00, and that my friend had went to bed. I decided to smoke some more pot and go to bed. I couldn't sleep! The ceiling kept spinning and my jaws were just locked. I started to bite on to my pillow to relieve the stress, it helped a little but still I felt I had to tear something apart with them! I had an on and off kind of sleep. I'm not sure if I had slept at all. The next morning was like a different world. There was snow on the ground and in the trees! I felt So good and tears started forming in my eyes again!