Going Bezerk On Laced Shrooms


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So a friend and I decided it was going to be a good idea to take some mushrooms, These ones seemed to be very good ones, each one weighed in at about 2.5-3.0 Grams. So I ate one and a half... I was tripping like usual over at a friends apartment. His dad came home so we decided to leave. I got into the car and everything was fine. We went over to a pool hall not too far from his apartment. I went there and I was fine, having fun and joking around. We then decided to leave to go somewhere else, and I got into the car and it went bad.

My friend told me that my dad was in his car next to us. The next thing I know is that I thought my friend killed my dad. I started to scream at my friend and next thing I know I had put my fist through the window. I started to scream in terror for I had thought my dad was dead, and my friend who was driving/sober thought I was joking. I was not... I picked a fight with the other kid who I did mushrooms with whom is about 3 times the size of me. They then opened the door and told me to cool off. I disappeared in a very rich ritzy area and was screaming out my ex-girlfriends name at the top of my lungs. I then began to think that I was with my dad and my friend from the military. I was not I was alone. I went up to a old Honda and broke every single window with my fist and one by kicking it. Not realizing I had cut open my hand very badly. I noticed someone in their garage so I began to yell- I told them that if they keep looking at me like that IM going to fuck them up, and that i was God.

He was frightened and ran inside and closed the garage and locked it. I then ripped the garage door open and began to think that my dead grandmother was inside. I went rummaging through all their crap and all the sudden I see red and blue lights. The police had showed up. I went outside of the garage and waved the cop over. I supposed that he thought I lived there. When he came up to me I punched him in the face and knocked him down. I didn't know I did anything. So I sat in the back of the car on my own free will. Next thing I know another cop pulls up the drive way.only he was standing back. I ran directly at him and knocked him down. The first cop snuck up behind me and sprayed me with a whole can of mace- soon after the other cop joined in. 2 cans of mace did not phase me at all. I was hit by a nightstick and knocked down/out. I woke up seconds later in cuffs and my mind told me that the cops were demons, and that if I didn't kill them I would go to hell.

So I went crazy and broke out of the cuffs. I then run at the cop again and he is spooked. I start to realize that they were cops so I ran away. They chased me down and finally knocked me on down. They then used industrial style cable ties and leg irons. I was then put in the cop car. Next thing I know I'm thinking that there were demons after me so I kicked out the plexi-glass window in the cop car- I get to the station about 15 minutes later and get mashed again because I was "uncontrollable" and had "superhuman strength." I was sent to jail and had to get bailed out by my dad. I woke up in a holding cell 3 days before I was bailed out and had no clue I did anything wrong. I then realized that I was on mushrooms that were laced with huge amounts of PCP, and realized this is where drugs get you.... 3 felony's and 2 misdemeanors... Anyone who thinks this sounds fun, is dramatically wrong.... That's my story about PCP- not recommended unless you are in a padded room, which if you aren't you will end up there.... because of drugs I now owe over 10,000 dollars in court, lawyer, and vandalism fees, I owe my dad 1000 dollars for the bail, I'm in rehab, and possibly on probation, court is this week, I will be lucky if I don't see serious jail time for this.