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We all sat around the campfire ,a tradition ,us trippers, and those drinkers watching the fire bullshitting. Me, my brother, and one other all ingested 1-one- inch square, madhatter--yes the real ****-- and stumbled around enjoying the effects when one of my sober friends , well one that wasn't tripping at the time, noticed a vehicle a couple of miles away approaching us.Us acid heads were literally freakin out as our friends laughed but quit laughing when the truck pulled up and parked just 10 feet away from us and a stalky hillbilly emerged, by himself ,almost as fucked up as me!! With a half empty 30 pack of miller and a black mesh trucker hat to hide his face.

Upon his arrival me and my brother decided to get in our sleeping bags as if we were ending the night.So this went on for literally hours ,as he mumbled and slurred to my drunk friends who weren't even drunk anymore about non sense, I lay watching this thing yell and argue with TEENAGERS completely smashed,and became fixated with his face and the way it was hidden.That dark void of a face became my imaginations playground as I watched a long beard and horns appear in brief frame- likehallucinations

.Everything was solid red RED red like someone was holding a piece of red glass against my eyes and he slowly appeared to be his true self the devil.His black eyes were staring straight at me and he had a big smile on even tho I couldn't see his face the whole time! I watched him stumble around almost talking to himself about BurgerKing or something for what seemed like hours wondering why any of my friends hadn't told this jackass to leave when I saw the reason dangling out of his left pocket the butt of a revolver.

WARNING guns and acid peaking cause horrible thoughts.As my other "sane" friends wrestled to stay awake until this guy leaves, me and my brother seriously thought of an exscape out of the desert after we kill and dispose of him.SERIOUSLY WE DID But time prevailed and one of his trips to the nearest bush to empty his beer soaked bladder proved too far and he fell not emerging.Me and my brother jumped at the opportunity gather our friends and gear quietly telling them they are bad vibes here but they understand.we quick throw all our **** in the back of our trucks and peeled out simotanyously with a drunk in a bush and an incredible night in our dust.