What is the correct Dosage of Fioricet

Dosage and how to use it

Dosing depends on your age and your current medical condition, also it very much varies on the other medication you are using, because as mentioned Butalbital can have exponential effects and interactions with other medications you might be using, this is why you should always consult your doctor before taking it.

Standard doses include a tablet or two every four hours, and total daily dose should not be over six tablets. However, this is a general dose, you should always be sure to consult your doctor and take Fioricet exactly as he advised you.

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Do not, under any circumstances, take Fioricet in large amounts than recommended, or even for extended periods of time. Be sure to read the label and follow exact directions that are located there. If you experience any loss in the relief, you get from this drug, do not increase the dose by yourself, but contact you doctor and consult on the next step with him. If you feel this drug upsets your stomach or causes, any irregular bowl movements, be sure to take this medication with some food, or at least some milk.

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Always be sure to keep Fioricet bottle at room temperature, somewhere where it is dry cold and dark, especially keep it away from heat sources. Always make sure to keep record of the number of pills you have used in each bottles, Butalbital is considered, to be addictive, and any improper use can lead to abusive behavior and you should therefore be sure of every pills exact location.

Fioricet is usually taken only when needed, so it is unlikely that you will skip a dose, but in case you are taking the drug on a regular bases, and you skip a dose, take the dose you missed as soon as you remember to take it. In case it is almost time for you to take another dosage then just skip the dose you have missed, you shouldn't take double doses at any time to compensate for the one you have just missed. If you are unsure what to do it is always better to take less than more.

In case of drug overdose, be sure to seek immediate medical attention and not hesitate at any point. Contact your local poison help line immediately, or any other medical authority that can respond in a quick manner. Some of the symptoms of paracetamol overdosing are sudden loss of appetite, violent nausea, vomiting, pains in your stomach, sudden sweating, feeling of confusion and / or feeling of weakness.

Some other symptoms may also include sudden pain in the upper abdomen, changed urine color, or even your skin or the white in your eyes turning yellow, also known as jaundice.

Other general overdosing symptoms may also include, feeling of restlessness, tremors, being dizzy, drowsy, inability to fall asleep, sudden sweating, very shallow breathing, feeling of confusion, irregular heartbeats, or in extreme cases even seizing attacks or a falling into coma. If you feel any of these symptoms occur contact an a medical expert without hesitation.