DMT is the spirit molecule, because it gives you access to the spirit world and it often induces religious experiences. It is not the type of drug you take just to have fun or to have a good time. DMT is only for people who are not afraid of death and meeting all sorts of spirits and entities. DMT is the best way there is to access other dimensions. It can either be consumed the natural shamanic way as Ayahuasca or be smoked, which produces very intense but short trips.

This is the chemical formel for DMT


Projection # 1
I had ordered some ayahuasca from Ethnoplanet (B. Caapi and P.viridis) and cooked it with some lemons the day before the trip. I read about the mental plane the night before this experience and I was determined to try to investigate this during the trip. The information I read said that it is impossible to understand the mental plane and you get mad if you try. The mental plane is said to be the plane above the astral plane. The astral plane is the plane that can be reached with astral projection or out of body experiences and this is where the spirit world is.

I went to a nature reserve outside Stockholm in Sweden to trip. This forest has huge old oak trees. I drank the ayahuasca. and it didn't taste that bad. It took about half an hour for the effects to kick in. I looked at some patterns in the grass where the sun shined.

Then I came to an opening in the forest. The sunbeams came from the treetops down to me. It was very beautiful but I had to lay down and close my eyes. Then I saw this indescribable pattern with bright colors that I never had seen before. The colors were different from any colors that I had seen.

I felt that I had contact with an entity. I tried to understand what the colors and patterns represented, but then the spirit said to me: I am trying to show you something that you have never seen before and you are destroying it.

So I relaxed, just flowed with it and experienced the colors. It was so amazing to watch these patterns of shining alien colors. I just knew in some way that this felt just like dying, and this made me uneasy. So after a while I opened my eyes and looked at the forest again.I didn't have any hallucinations but everything felt different. I felt like I had died and had been reborn in the same body.

Then I closed my eyes and saw the patterns and the colors again. After a while I tried to understand it again. But I began to feel weak, confused and like I was dying. I hadn't eaten anything that day, which was a mistake. When I opened my eyes I was very confused and ran around in the forest for a while. I needed more energy, so I ate some cookies. Unfortunately, this almost ended the effects of ayahuasca for this time.

It seems like the information on this plane could not be understood, but only experienced. It also seems like you need some spirit guide to visit this plane.

Projection # 2
My inner voice told me not to trip this day, but I did it anyway and it became a terrible bad trip. I made the mistake of tripping on a cloudy day, and this made me think mostly on depressing things. I reached this other dimension and saw the colors and patterns again. I thought about some stuff at the same time, and it felt like some of the patterns I was in this other dimension was my own thoughts. Then some personal issues came up and ruined the trip.

Projection # 3
This time I was determined to find out if the information on the mental plane is really impossible to understand and if so why. It was a sunny day and I felt like this was unique opportunity to trip, since I felt that something would occur next week that would ruin my chances of tripping then. Two such things did also occur. I had learned from my mistakes I made during the other trips, so I ate a steady breakfast and I listened to my inner voice, which told me that this was a good day to trip. I went to the same oak forest as the other trips.

The effects came almost too fast this time, so I sat down in the grass to gather some strength. When I closed my eyes I reached that other dimension and saw the same type of colors as before. The sunbeams hit me and I felt that I got Prana energy from the sun that helped me reach this higher dimension. I felt telepathic contact with the same entity as before. I didn't see its body and it seemed like the entity had no body or any other material form.

I asked this spirit if this is the mental plane. I didn't get any clear answer on this, but I understood that is another higher dimension. I tried one more time to understand the information up there, but I couldn't. I wondered and telepathicely asked the spirit why it is impossible for me to understand this.

Then I felt like I was thrown out of time and space. My mind didn't exist in the present time anymore and it was scary and very intensive. I have experienced timelessness and transcendence before but this was not the same. It was like I was wrongly adjusted to time. Then I understood why the information on this higher dimension that we may call the mental plane is impossible to understand. After I got that revelation I came down a bit from this extremely intense state of mind. My conclusion is this:

The reason why it is impossible to understand the information on this dimension that we may call the mental plane is that the information is about time. You have to be adjusted to time in a certain way to be able to live this life and be able to live in the present. If you are adjusted in that way, you can not understand this information about time.

I didn't get mad after trying to understand this information, but after every mental projection I get confused and I find it hard to stay in the present I think about the future a lot and it's like I'm not really in the present for a while. I also got confused for a while during this trip, but then a girl I know sent me a message on the phone and wondered how I was doing. After that I got very euphoric and I felt that I have got a new strength from this trip. The rest of the trip was very euphoric and I just enjoyed the forest, the nice weather and all the patterns in the clouds. I also had time to ask some more questions to the spirits.

I think that the natural drugs mescaline and ayahusca are most effective when communicating with the spirit world. In a lot of ways, they are more effective than even LSD. I don't know for sure if this was the mental plane, but it was definitely another dimension. How can you know for sure if it's really that plane? Anyway, the mental plane is just a name, you can call it other things.

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