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Thrown into another dimension


Complete loss of control and reality Terrifying forces Weird Vibrations and Creations
Thrown into another dimension Subconsious visionary state of salvia A higher power

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I had finally got to try salvia. I started with a couple hits of regular dried leaves, using a pipe. Immediatly I felt that everything was out of place.I wanted to see where this plant would take me, so I put an extremely concentated extract(just 25 mgs) in my pipe and lit. That was all it took. Instantaniously I was thrown into another dimension. My room disappeared, and my body disappeared. All I saw was a whirling mass of energy swirling violently around me. Down the center of this amazing swirl of energy was a line, or boundary. The left side of this line seemed to be trying to pull me into it's flow...while the right side of the line seemed to be trying to hold me back from the opposite side. I remember hearing a female voice say "What do you want?"

I could not answer. I was lost in this Huge raging energy, Helpless. Then, I came back to reality. I saw my room again. And I noticed that my bed had ripples that moved through it, like it was a pool of water.And this soon faded... and all was back to normal again. It's hard to explain the size of this world I was taken to. It's just so enormous and frighteningly powerful. I wish I could better describe it. But it's hard to describe and understand abstractions. But this was so real. I shall never forget. I totally respect salvia. I know what she is capable of.