Complete Detachment


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My first experience with PCP was at a rave a couple years back; myself and two friends all threw down on one dipped cigarette. As we smoked a cloud of toxic smelling smoke rose above us, I had trouble inhaling the thick black chemical taste. I felt lifted a few minutes after we sparked it, and by the time it was done I was incoherent. I ended up walking through the crowds of people, but mentally I was in another place. I felt completely detached from my environment, the very loud music faded into the background and my sight was distorted. Suddenly before me was a large male who was trying to touch me and talk to me.

I was understanding very little of what he was saying to me, but I did not like his presence at all. I noticed the very familiar scent of dust was lingering on him as he stood very close to me. The first words I said back to him were " you smell like dust", he eagerly said he would share with me. I started to comprehend that he was asking me to leave the party with him and go to some hotel with him. Despite the very altered state of mind that I was in, I still knew that this was out of the question. He handed me another dipped cigarette and told me to spark it, I did so.

Then when he was not looking I walked away, and put out the dip, I was already high enough. --I did not realize until later that I had taken this guys drugs, and I got really scared that he would be looking for me. I ended up smoking more dust with another friend before we left the rave. I was in a cloud all night long. Once I got home, I was very hyper and acting mildly insane. I was running around my living room and asking my friend ridiculous questions. Later that morning I smoked the stolen dip with two different friends and got high once again. This time while sitting on my couch, I felt like my arms and legs were very long and stretched out. Eventually I came down and slept all day, feeling almost fully recovered when I woke up.

I enjoyed the complete detachment from reality and continued smoking dust on a regular basis. I ended up quitting after I developed a very annoying stutter after smoking it every day for a couple of months. Although I over used this drug, it is a unique experience, and I do not regret that I tried it.