What combinations of Fioricet are out there?

Available combinations of Fioricet

We have previously mentioned that Butalbital is the main active ingredient of this medicine, and that it is rarely sold alone because it has an amazing ability to work together with some other medicine to amplify its effect.

This is why there are several combinations of the drug and some are similar to Fioricet, we will try now to explain some of those and explain why Fioricet is the most used of them all.

* When Butalbital is combined with acetaminophen, alone you get a medicine most usually called Phrenilin. This is considered the most basic of combinations and was first one to be discovered, it is considered more effective than Butalbital alone, and was used for some time, until better combinations have been found.

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This is considered a good choice for people who are allergic to caffeine, in which case they should not use Fioricet but perhaps this variation. Other names with which it is known on the market include Phrenilin forte, Dolgic, Bupap, Sedapap, Cephadyn, Bucet and Axocet. As mention, this is the founding base for almost all other combinations.

* When you combine the previous combination of paracetamol and Butalbital with caffeine, you will get the drug we are presenting to you called Fioricet. It might seem like a simple upgrade and rather similar to the previous one, but it is far more effective in everything it does, it has amazing properties, and caffeine really brings the positive effects of Butalbital to its bloom.

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It is most marketed and most sold for a reason, because it is considered best at what it does, treatment of tension headaches and migraines. There is also a variation with added Codeine, but it is sold under a different name. Other market names for this product are also Esgic or Esgic plus.

* When Butalbital is combined with aspirin instead of paracetamol, the resulting compound is sold under the name Axotal. This is not as effective as Phrenilin but it is a good choice for someone who has had negative reactions to paracetamol.

* When the previous combination of Butalbital and aspirin is combined with caffeine, you basically, get something similar to Fioricet but instead of paracetamol, you have aspirin. Again, this is good for people who do not respond to paracetamol well. This is usually sold under the brand names: Fortabs, Fiormor, Fiorinal, Laniroif or most commonly Fiortal.

* When Fioricet (or to be specific combination of Butalbital, paracetamol and caffeine) is combined with codeine, as present in codeine phosphate, we get a rather effective variation of this medication called Fioricet # 3, with added codeine.

* In addition, there is one more combination that is not as similar to these others and that one is called Cafergot - PB. When you mix Butalbital with a substance called ergotamine tartrate, some caffeine and belladonna alkaloids, you get this medication. It is not as effective, but also similar to other alternatives is a good choice for someone who does not respond well to paracetamol or aspirin.