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Im only 15 and I decided to try coke. Well, I had decided a long time before, but I finally decided to act on my decision. It started with this Hobo who offered me and my friend a dime when we were buying alcohol from him. We had money to burn so we took it. I pretended to lose it and did it by myself because I wanted to get "super high". I did it and nothing all. I was unsatisfied with my experience and promptly went out and bought a 20 sack. I snorted all that and just got really hyper. Im a pretty big guy. About 6'3 240 lbs so I bumped up my intake to about a half gram per dose. I was going through a gram a day, but it was ok because I was making more than enough to pay for it. It started on a Tuesday and ended the following Sunday, with 7 grams being snorted between then.

The more intense effects for me were numbness and excitability. Don't get me wrong, it was incredibly fun. The drug was probably the best and worst drug I've ever done. On Sunday I went to a movie with my friend and snorted a half gram off of the toilet paper dispenser. good times. I'm not quitting because I didn't like it, simply because quitting made sense, it was a trial from the word "go". One thing I couldn't handle is being out of touch with reality(shrooms or too much alcohol) which is one reason I loved coke. It kept you completely in touch. It also gave me a bunch of confidence. However the come down is pretty fucking horrible. I decided to move back to pot and the occasional six pack(a mere head rush) seeing as how it was cheaper and not as serious. One thing I have to say is that the most enticing part of doing cocaine when I reflect on it now is the snorting and immediate rush. Amazing. However, not worth 55 bucks a gram or possible addiction.