Hep C Sufferers

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Purchase Solvadi, online safely and cheaply. Sofosbuvir is the brand name of sofosbuvir, which is a proven drug for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C infection (lasting more than 6 months) with the genotype of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

It is a wonder drug taken in combination with other antiviral drugs such as ribavirin and peginterferon alfa. It directly targets the Hep C virus by preventing the virus to multiply itself and move to infect other cells in your liver. It has proven to be a complete cure for over 90% of cases of Hep C it has been designated to help http://www.sovaldi.com/about-sovaldi/study-results/.

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Hepatitis C is most prevalent in lower socio and economic environments and these sufferers cannot afford the minimum of $25,000 usd for 4 weeks treatment, charged by the inventors, Gilead, especially when some treatments are 24 weeks long!
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Normal price of sofosbuvir is $25,000.00 usd for 28 pills

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Before you order sofosbuvir, you must be under the guidance of a Health care professional who has prescribed you this treatment and you must be full aware of the restrictions, the specificity of it's administration and it's possible interaction with other medications, you may be taking at the time. See the Contraindications, Precautions and warnings for the use of Solvadi here.
It is important to note and beware that sofosbuvir is not a monotherapy treatment and must be used in combination with other anti viral medications.
Your GP or healthcare professional will advise you on what combinations to use.
order-tabs.com does have the anti virals, Generic Daklinza (Daclatasvir) and Generic Rebetol (Ribavirin) both comnonly used in combination with sofosbuvir (sovaldi)

So How do I get Sofosbuvir (sovaldi)?

You can get Sofosbuvir by seeing and consulting with your healthcare professional and asking if Sofosbuvir is suitable for you.
A liver biopsy or a Fibroscan will be done to determine the extent of your liver damage.
Your professional carer will then advise if treatment with sofosbuvir is suitable for you and will prescribe a prescription for sofosbuvir in combination with at least one other anti viral Hep c medication. sofosbuvir is available to residents in the USA, Canada, all European Union countries and many but not all asian countries to treat all genotypes of hepatitis C.

Buying Solvadi from sofosbuvir drug store means that treatment for Hep C is now much more affordable for the vast majority of hepatitits C sufferers who can't qualify for Government assistance.

Warnings and Safety Alerts.

sofosbuvir is sold strictly for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. It must be used in combination with antiviral medication. (consult your Doctor)
You must alert your doctor if you have other medical contions but especially HIV or liver problems apart from Hep C, Kidney problems and if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy in the near future.
Some medications may interact badly with your treatment of sofosbuvir, so please ensure your doctor has a complete record of your present or recent medication.This includes, vitamins, supplements, herbs and any over the counter medication.
It especially applies to any product containing Amiodarone , Rifampin and St. John’s Wort.

Also do not use sofosbuvir, if you are already using sofosbuvir's active ingredient sofosbuvir in another treatment. This includes Gilead's HARVONI®.

Please Read our Full sofosbuvir information page Here