Terrifying Bad Trip with Death and Horror


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Yea..One night I came home from the club.I was on 4 hits of acid and 2 pills(xtc).I got back to my fiends house, where I was spending the night, and l aid back on the couch.The couch was in front of the window, so my back was toward the window.I was lookin at the T.V.(which wasn't turned on)and the the only light that was on was a small lamp beside me that I had to plug in.

Andy came back in the room and tripped over the fucking cord (he is the clumziest motherfucker I know too) and fell.I didn't see him fa l because the lamp went off.I just remember the sound of a gun going off a few feet from me. At the same time I heard the gunshot, I was sprayed with blood.Then I heard Andy hit the floor right on top of my feet. He was all shaking around and shit. So I sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

By this time I'm fucking tripping balls.I jump up and turn on another light and Andy ain't got no fucking head man.His fucking head is gone...oh shit.....what tha fuck is going on!!T en that is when it all hit me. Andy had just bought this tight ass 9mm.He had been bragging about it all day too. So I guess when we got home, he we nt to get it to show me.

He had it in his hands and the fucker was loaded.As soo n as he came back into the liv ngroom,bamm,he tripped over the cord and fucking killed himself.The strangest thing about the whole fucking night was I saw a shadow walk in front of the T.V.,(that wasn't turned on).I'm still fucked up over this shit.