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This is a typical first-time experience with heroin. Your body has to get used to heroin, before you can enjoy it. This will take some time and during this time you will feel nausea and other disgusting side-effects.

Over this summer me a buddy of mine and a girl went to Wilmington Delaware and we scored some nice heroin called Al pacino and versachi. We went back to my friends crib and cut up these 3 huge lines (about a 1/2 gram total) one for each of us.This was our first time using heroin so we didn't know how much to do, so we did it all between us 3. As soon as we each did our line we sat around the TV as it burned our nose, wondering if this is supposed to happen. We sat there for the first 15 minutes or so as the heroin began to strongly kick in. We couldn't move we couldn't talk and our skin began to itch almost as if we had bugs crawling all over us we got extremely hot and we moved into the bedroom were we passed out for a while losing all track of time and what was going on around us.

My friend woke up screaming get the ants off me and scratching his whole body. After we calmed him down we tried to get up and walk around....but instead we began to throw up violently and we couldn't stop. All night long we were up and down doing the same thing then eventually we passed out for good..This all began at about 6 pm we woke up the next day at around 11am and we found out that we didn't feel any different then the night before all that day we just sat around trying to figure out what went wrong. It took all that day and part of the next to really recuperate and realize that we did way to much. So that is our story and i don't think we will be doing it again anytime soon.