Amphetamine is the easiest way to happiness. It gets you in a good mood and you can get a lot of uncomplicated joy from this drug. When you're high on it, you will feel very energetic. But you will feel more tired than usual days after using it, and it takes a long time for your body and mind to restore . To get the ultimate high from this drug, you'll have to inject it. If you start doing that, you will probably end up as a junkie. Amphetamine is very addictive, so you got to have strong self-discipline to handle this drug.

This is the chemical formel for amphetamine.

How to sniff amphetamine

This information is just for people who are mature enough to handle it. Since amphetamine is so addictive it is stupid to try it for people who do not have enough selfcontrol, but it can be interesting to read about it.

Sniffing (snorting): Amphetamine is chopped very finely with a razor blade, and arranged in lines on a smooth surface. The lines are sniffed through a rolled-up banknot

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