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I always wanted to try cocaine but I was young still and didn't want to risk fucking my self up by getting addicted. Although I have been smoking weed for a long time, been drinking, and tried acid, k, shrooms and e. After I turned 17 I quit everything except for occasional drinking. Honestly when I stopped smoking weed I felt much better, because I was really getting sick of that tired feeling and needing to smoke. I quit for about good solid 5 months and felt great. Although I did smoke maybe three times in that period but that’s not really smoking for me considering I was burning everyday before I quit. I did try two lines of coke about a year ago but that time I didn’t feel anything as the coke was really low quality plus I snorted the second line two hours later. I didn’t consider that trying cocaine so this time I wanted to do it for real. So here starts the real story.

Halloween was coming up and I was noticing a lot of people were doing coke. It seemed everyone was catching the phase in North York. I always wanted to try coke and see what it really is. So I planned with a good friend of my to do cocaine on Halloween it would be his second time. When Halloween night came up I began calling him but couldn’t get a hold of him, supposedly he was going with my other friends to smoke some weed. I didn’t appreciate him not answering his cell but I didn’t care because I was still going to have a great night. I remembered that my other friend just started doing coke recently so I gave him a call and we decided to get some cocaine for the night. We got a half gram of coke for two of us which was $40 Canadian. It seemed more than a half gram and it looked like descent coke. After another friend of ours joined us for the night so all of us went upstairs to the apartment to do a few lines. My friend took a nice line and then passed it to my other friend for a small bump and then I hit a line my self. I didn’t feel anything except for a little numbing and then we each had a cigarette. After we had to leave because the guy that joined us had to go pick up his girlfriend across town. So me and my friend did another line for the road and then swinged a bottle of cognac. We stashed everything and went to the car which was a 94 Grand Am. We got in and we decided to get some weed. By this time I was feeling nice on cocaine I felt normal but high at the same time and I felt like I could control everything around me. When the music went on in the car it was great, it was hip-hop on the radio but it sounded okay. After we went to pick up the weed. Once my friend began rolling it I didn’t feel the coke anymore and just felt weird same with everyone else in the car. Once we smoked the joint it was quite amazing the coke feeling came back to me and I was feeling like a king. We went on the highway listening to some club beats so we cranked up the sound, it was cool. We were driving at about 140 km/hr to the music it felt unbelievable. After we got to the location which was the mall we went inside. We were tripping pretty nice my buddy met his girl and we bounced back to were we were. I was still feeling great and I remember saying “My bredgren I wish I was in the club”. We were talking a lot that night and we were enjoying our high. I also remember saying “I can’t wait to get back to your place” and my friend would respond “Don’t even talk to me about that shit, I can’t wait for that shit” and were just tripping out and laughing.

Finally we got back to the place me and my friend went out of the car to go inside but my other buddy went with his girl to get some more booze and drop of his car and then mission to our place. Me and my friend went inside we put the cognac on the table and got the coke too. We did a line each and had a cigarette after and were watching Rap videos. After we had a shot of cognac each. It was really strong 42% Ukrainian, and while I was taking the shot I remember my dad saying “This is what real man drink” and that tripped me out and I was laughing. The cognac was really harsh almost felt like a gunshot in your mouth. So after we had another shot and a cigarette.

Once our buddy came back with a case of vex, he began rolling the weed. We were going to roll two joints. One cocosplif and one straight chronic. While he was rolling the weed, me and my friend took another shot of cognac it felt really harsh but it kept getting us more fucked. The night was great we were on endless coke train which we didn’t want to get off. We went out on the balcony and appreciated the great view of the city it looked astonishing under the influence of any substance. We first had the cocopuffs (joint laced with cocaine), and then smoked the second weed joint. We were so ripped and started throwing jokes at each other, it was funny. By this time I felt really dehydrated, so me and my friend each had another shot and then we smoked a cigarette. Then I got up took and went to the bathroom to urinate. After I came back and got my self some coca cola and water. I was drinking a lot because I was really dehydrated. My buddy offered me a vex but I didn’t want mix anything with cognac. We tripping and watching some scary movie, I don’t remember the name of it I was too fucked. After we all went in another room to do a small line each except my buddies girlfriend because he didn’t want her to know we were doing coke. Once again my stamina was restored and I was feeling great. After that we had a shot each and that pretty much killed the bottle and I wasn’t going to do anything for the rest of the night but enjoy my high. Everything was cool we just chilled back and had conversations. My buddy left by now with his girl cause he probably wanted to go fuck her. I stayed at my friends place watching TV. My friend asked me if I wanted to get more coke but I told him we were too fucked for the night and he agreed. What really fucked us up that night wasn’t the weed or the coke, it was mainly the crazy Ukrainian cognac which amplified the weed by 2 times and make the coke last for a long time but it also made us very tired. If we haven’t drank the cognac we would have probably not been as ripped. We had a plan to egg one guy’s house but we had to cancel because we were way too messed up to pull that mission. After I remember my friend say “My heart is going like 100 miles pre hour” it was funny as I expected my heart beat to race. After a while we sort began crashing so we called it a night. I had to get home after which I am not even going to mention because I had some serious problems doing that. But once I got home I ate a meal and kept crashing for another half hour and then fell asleep.

Using cocaine was quite a unique experience. Although it is very different from any drug I’ve done I would say this one is the best. I didn’t have any mind altering or life changing experiences, like on acid, but I did have a lot of fun. Cocaine is somewhat similar to special k and ecstasy but only for positive effects and without the physical sensitivity. Also I would say the crash is not as horrible as on e, ecstasy could leave you depressed for days afterwards, unlike coke there are problems with addiction but things don’t drastically change like they do on e. Although cocaine is great it is not my type of drug or any other drug that there is. Maybe it would be my type of drug if I was richer but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing my goals. Will I ever do cocaine again probably yes but not for a very, very long time.