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The purpose of psychedelic drugs

If our civilization is going to develop further, like traveling more into space, we have to understand spiritual matters more. If you use psychedelic drugs in the right way, you can understand the origin of religion and have primary religious experiences. This type of information is far too dangerous for the people that don't want to change the type of society and culture we live in. That is why this information is being suppressed and one of the reasons why psychedelic drugs are illegal.

When people abuse drugs and not use them in a spiritual, well meaning matter, it means it cannot be freely given to society. Such abuse prescription drugs such as Soma, a common muscle relaxant which they say not only relaxes your body, but also your mind.The indigenous people have been using natural stimulants for thousands of years and in some cultures such as Malaysia and Vanuatu a natural root plant called Kava Kava is an important part of societies fabric and social order.

Another natural stimulant Kratom has many uses, you can Buy Kratom in resin, extract or capsules form. Stimulants are very susceptible to abuse and many valid prescriptions are being shared by family or friends that become addictive. One such drug, Adderall, that has been in the news lately is renowned for being an 'all night stimulant' that is popular amongst students who are studying.

If you know what psychedelic drugs are all about, you can use them in the correct order and understand what the occult and spiritual world is all about.

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